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Dave Richardson

Sales Truths : Never Try to Extinguish a Raging Fire with Gasoline.




Sales Truths : Never Try to Extinguish a Raging Fire with Gasoline.


Published in the December 2012 issue.

WHY IT IS TRUE: An employee whose performance is at best average makes a mistake, perhaps a colossal mistake, which maybe even causes you to lose a large sale you desperately were counting on. Your gut instinct is to rake this individual over the coals, yell at the top of your lungs to make sure you are heard, and that this never happens again. You want to fire him immediately in front of everyone else to make a point. This won’t solve the problem; it will only make it worse.

PLAN OF ACTION: Losing your temper and blasting this individual, whether publicly or in private, will only weaken your ability to manage your business. Take the individual aside, perhaps in your office, and tell him in a firm but fair manner how you think and feel about the situation. If termination is required, do it in a professional manner. The last thing you want is a disgruntled employee who badmouths you everywhere they go. Resist the desire to throw gasoline on a fire. Difficult as it may be, a cool head, and a lot of cool water, will help you defuse an exasperating situation. — DAVE RICHARDSON



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