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Selling Design: Amanda Tropila




Selling Designs

Amanda Tropila

Published in the May 2013 issue


In my position at PGI, I have the opportunity to speak with a range of designers about their work in platinum. They use words like “passion,” “love” and “timelessness.” The message is clear: Platinum inspires emotion.

Today’s consumer is savvy and is looking for value. Value is not communicated through a price tag, it is communicated through what the price tag has to offer. As the price of gold and platinum have never been more comparable, it is important to clearly define the difference to consumers seeking a white metal and why platinum represents the better value.

The words malleability and ductility rarely ignite the same enthusiasm in a consumer when discussing jewelry. However, these are the very qualities of platinum that render it an ideal metal for jewelry design. Danhov founder Jack Hovsepian designs each platinum piece by hand, making a truly special experience for the consumer. “Platinum is a wonderful metal to work in,” he says. “Its ability to be drawn out into a thin wire allows me to craft it into such intricate and unique designs.”


Vintage-inspired styles are always in fashion, and as many of the original art deco pieces were made in platinum, the consumer often feels a connection to tradition through these designs. Phyllis Bergman of Mercury Ring has created several detailed pieces that invoke a vintage spirit and are reasonably priced for stunning pieces that will last a lifetime without changing color, fading or wearing away.

Steven Kretchmer’s more contemporary approach uses platinum to craft chunky geometric shapes that often hold colored gemstones and diamonds, highlighting the metal’s secure setting and natural white color that won’t cast color into gemstones.

The range of skilled artistry in platinum design is broad and there is truly a platinum piece to speak to every customer. The key is knowledge, communication and variety.

THIS MONTH’S EXPERT: Amanda Tropila, Public Relations Coordinator, Platinum Guild International USA



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