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Selling Designs: Penny Preville






Jewelry sales happen where client
and designer stories intersect

As a designer, I believe that selling jewelry begins and ends with a story. My passion is to design beautiful jewelry that I have put my heart and soul into creating. I create jewelry that will make a woman look and feel beautiful; jewelry that will complement her personality, her lifestyle, and her values.

as i listen
to their story, an insight
or glimpse into their lives starts
to emerge.”

But how do you determine which piece for which woman? It all depends on how her story connects with mine. For example, when I participate in a trunk show, people come from all over, sometimes from hours away, to meet me and see my collection. They always want to know my story, how I got started and what my inspiration is. In turn, I want to know their story, what brought them in to see me, where they live, where they grew up, what they enjoy doing, and what their passions are.

As I listen to their story, an insight or small glimpse into their lives starts to emerge, and we start connecting on an emotional level with each other.

From my experiences, the connection that I’ve described leads not only to a successful sale and a satisfied customer, but equally important, it leads to customer loyalty. And I’m not just describing loyalty to my brand. These experiences have taken place in my host retailers’ environments, and the positive elements that have come as a result are imprinted into each customer’s memory. So, the retailer shares the benefits of this satisfying experience when a customer returns numerous times for their jewelry needs. What I’m describing is the cultivation of a repeat customer, loyal to me, the designer, as well as the retailer that I’ve visited. Accomplishing this goal all started with me taking the time to engage in meaningful conversation.
As a jewelry salesperson, it’s your job to do the same.



PENNY PREVILLE has been winning design awards and connecting with jewelry clients for more than 35 years.



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