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Shane Decker

Shane Decker: The Coconut




What to do when a sale falls into your lap


Published in the September 2013 issue.

There are three types of sales: The one that knows what they want when they come in, the created sale that you make from scratch, and the coconut.

This last one happens when you’re standing in exactly the right spot, and the client walks up and says, “How much is that diamond ring?” You say “It’s $4,995.” The client says, “I’ll take it.”

Obviously that’s great, but don’t be so surprised that your jaw drops off the counter or say, “You’re kidding, right?” These sales usually happen in around 30 to 90 seconds, and obviously you weren’t prepared.


First of all, when a sale happens that easily, make sure some other sales associate hasn’t already waited on them and spent hours doing an awesome presentation. Sometimes, the client goes home and thinks about it then comes in the next day to make a purchase. So say something like, “You sure knew what you wanted” or “Did someone else show you this before?” and get that sales associate for them. Be a team player, not someone that your fellow salespeople can’t trust.

If they say no, here’s where this sale gets very interesting.

The reason I call this sale a “coconut” is because it fell out of a tree into your lap. These are very unpredictable — you may get three or four a year, and they’re extremely fun. They happen at all price ranges. This happens because the client has always wanted the item and they decided today was the day, or it’s because it’s the ultimate last-minute purchase surprise for someone else, and they’ve gotta have it right now. They’re in a spending mood. They’re having fun and spending money, and this usually is the easiest of all tickets to add on to.

Don’t say, “Was there anything else?” or “Do you want to see any other items?” or “Is there anything else on your list?” They can say no to all of these. And don’t be so surprised by how easy the first sale was and so caught off guard that you can’t sell anything else.

What you say is, “Who is this for? She would love to have the matching (blank) that goes with this,” or “Gotta show you my favorite,” or “Wait until you see what matches,” or “Remind me to show you what else goes with this before you leave” (this works well especially with men).

Remember: They quit buying when you quit selling. You’ve got to keep the sale going.


These sales are fun, but usually the client is in a hurry, so have a team member wrapping while you’re still selling. They love to see that you’re trying to get them out quickly while still being very professional. And remember to give them an experience they cannot get anywhere else but in your store.



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