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Starlust Jewelry Unveils the Designer Collection

Crafted lab grown diamond zodiac jewelry are designed by Kennon Young.




Starlust Jewelry Unveils the Designer Collection

(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — Unveiling a celestial marriage between astrology and fine craftsmanship, Starlust Jewelry launches the Designer Collection. Kennon Young, the visionary behind Starlust, set out to craft a line that not only embodies the essence of astrology but also resonates deeply with the wearers’ attributes. The collection transcends traditional jewelry by infusing the magic and allure of celestial bodies into wearable art.

Young’s design journey was inspired by the distinct characteristics of each astrological symbol. For example, Pisces are emotionally sensitive, gracious, and sympathetic to others, and are also dreamers, imaginative and creative. Scorpios exude unparalleled loyalty and passion, and are brave, self-reliant, and motivated to succeed in everything they do. Leos are natural leaders, projecting strength and resilience, yet are fiercely protective of those they love, to name three out of the twelve signs.

The new Designer Collection is crafted in 14K yellow, white, and rose gold options, as well as platinum, and is encrusted with lab grown diamonds that sparkle like stars in the sky, adding to the magic and meaning of these astrological bodies. Each necklace serves as a talisman, expressing wearers’ identities and aspirations, and reflects the growing interest in the Zodiac, which is garnering immense popularity amongst individuals seeking personal guidance.

Starlust Jewelry’s first line, the Signature Collection, pairs two zodiac signs together in solid sterling silver, 14K yellow, white, and rose gold, and platinum options. Every combination of signs are available. The Signature Collection serves as an ideal present or self-purchase, catering to various relationships, including parent and child, couples in romantic unions, friends, siblings, bridesmaids, and even as a cherished token of remembrance, intertwining the wearer’s zodiac sign with that of a departed loved one. Each piece stands as a perpetual symbol, ensuring the celestial pairings remain a constant presence, close to the wearer’s heart and forever by their side.

“On a deeper level, my primary medium is in romance which is a representation of the bond between loved ones. To celebrate this, there’s no greater personal representation of people than an astrological sign. Creating my first two lines with zodiac symbols is a natural transition for me after commemorating heartfelt sentiment by custom designing engagement rings for the last twenty years,” says Kennon Young, GG, CBJT, ASA-MGA. “The new lab grown diamond encrusted Designer Collection will evolve to be able to be paired together with other signs on a larger scale with diamond and accented by birthstones and other meaningful gems to personalize the collection even more as we continue to evolve.”

Starlust Jewelry has its roots in Vermont, where the tradition of stargazing intertwines with the serene landscapes of lakes, rivers, and valleys. Embracing the emotional essence of ‘Starlust,’ an ancient obsession with cosmic place and connections, the brand encapsulates awe for the universe’s vastness and one’s humble role within it. Starlust Jewelry traces its origins to a single gift—an Aries and Libra combination necklace, created by Kennon Young, a seasoned custom jewelry designer and ASA Master Gemologist Appraiser, for his wife, Gwen. Inspired by this symbolic gesture, the couple embarked on a shared journey, giving rise to Starlust Jewelry in Burlington, Vermont. In 2020, Kennon pivoted from his established 18-year custom jewelry business to nurture the blossoming venture. Over three years, Kennon meticulously designed over 100 creations, developed complex molds, custom manufacturing facilities, a website, branding, packaging, and more. This labor of love, a family enterprise, encapsulates the essence of Starlust Jewelry—forging connections between two beloved souls.


Deeply committed to ethical practices, Starlust employs 100% recycled packaging, sustainable precious metals, and responsibly sourced diamonds and gemstones. As a family-owned fair-trade entity, the company values its employees and contractors, striving to foster a familial environment. Its mission revolves around uniting loved ones through exquisite jewelry that reverberates with love.

Starlust Jewelry offers all zodiac signs either adorned with glistening cultured diamonds, or in solid precious metal, with the option of facilitating customizable pairings with the zodiac sign of one’s choice. The versatility in merging zodiac symbols caters perfectly to each unique style. Pairing zodiac signs is a way to commemorate the most significant individuals in one’s life, irrespective of physical proximity. For those uninterested in mixed zodiac signs, each sign is available separately for each collection, allowing one to keep their authentic self close.

A timeless, symbolic emblem, learn more about Starlust Jewelry at, email or call 888-4STARLUST.



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