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Shop the World with Notable Gems™ and Stuller Diamonds®




Shop the World with Notable Gems™ and Stuller Diamonds®

Stuller Diamonds® and Notable Gems™ offer the best in diamonds and colored gemstones.

Carlsbad, CA

Stuller makes it easy to shop some of the world’s most exceptional diamonds and colored gemstones on and in Stuller’s new Diamonds & Gemstones 2021 – 2021 catalog. These include Stuller’s offering of large, rigorously graded natural and lab-grown Stuller Diamonds® and Stuller’s collection of unique, hand-selected Notable Gems™.

Stuller Diamonds with grading reports are natural and lab-grown diamonds that are handpicked, individually graded, meticulously cut, and polished to perfection. They are available in a myriad of sizes, shapes, and clarities, so jewelers can find a diamond to meet every customer’s need. Stuller also offers an extensive selection of Canadamark™ Diamonds tracked through audited processes from origin to polished stones. Each Stuller Diamond with grading report is eligible for a lifetime trade up and includes a laser-inscribed identification number and personalized inscriptions for as little as $25.

Stuller’s Notable Gems feature some of the world’s most extraordinary colored gemstones, hand-selected for their beauty and unique characteristics. From emerald, ruby, and sapphire to aquamarine, garnet, and tourmaline, these are gems that captivate and inspire. They also offer jewelers and their customers an easy, dependable way to create the precious gemstone jewelry of their dreams.

Through their office in Bangkok, one of the world’s leading gemstone trading centers, Stuller examines thousands of gems each year. But only a select few are exceptional enough to become Stuller Notable Gems. It’s easy to shop — gems are categorized by type and individually catalogued on with 360-degree videos and complete descriptions including cut, millimeter size, carat weight, clarity, and country of origin.


Stuller Diamonds and Notable Gems collections include Stuller’s easy returns (qualified accounts enjoy a five-day review and prepaid returns) and loss protection on natural diamonds and gems for one year. The ever-evolving stock of Stuller Diamonds and Notable Gems can always be viewed on, so jewelers should check frequently for new inventory, trending stone types, cuts, and shapes.



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