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The Coexistence of Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds

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The Coexistence of Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds

(PRESS RELEASE)Lab Grown Diamonds have grown in popularity as many retailers have experienced in 2022. Some retailers tend to sell only natural, mined diamonds while others see the growth of this Lab market to enable them to cater to customers with a variety of budgets. Many end consumers have a certain size diamond they would like to purchase and lab created diamonds enable them to afford this desire.

In addition, GN Diamond has seen a tremendous growth in finished jewelry featuring lab created diamonds especially with classic diamond studs and tennis bracelets. In 2022, GN has continued to see a steady market for natural diamonds especially for engagement and bridal sales. Natural diamonds of all sizes were sold over the holiday season in a variety of shapes inclusive not only of rounds and ovals but also of marquise, emerald and radiant cuts.

No matter what the retailer’s preference, there is plenty of business for the coexistence of both natural and lab grown diamonds. Both types have many advantages.

Some of the benefits of purchasing lab grown diamonds include the fact that they are made in America and they are now being certed by GIA as well as IGI. This has created an even greater demand.

Lab Made Diamonds – Two Popular Methods:

There are two processes used to create Lab Grown Diamonds:

  1. Chemical Vapor Deposition Diamonds
    The first process is called Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). A “seed crystal,” which is a very small diamond
    seed, is placed in a small chamber. The chamber is then filled with gases that are heated. Once the gases reach
    the right temperature, layers of carbon begin to form on the seed crystal. This causes the seed to grow and
    create a square-shaped diamond crystal.
  2. High Pressure High Temperature Diamonds
    The second process is called High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT). This is meant to replicate the earth’s
    process of forming Natural Diamonds. In this process, natural graphite is placed in a large machine that
    crushes it with extreme pressure and temperatures. Under these conditions, the graphite turns into a diamond.

What is the Difference Between CVD and HPHT Diamonds?
You cannot tell the difference between a CVD and HPHT diamond with the naked eye. Both methods create areal diamond that is chemically and physically similar to natural diamonds. When it comes to grading LabGrown Diamonds, the same 4 Cs: Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat are applied.

Lab Grown Diamonds are real and have the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds. Visually they have the exact same durability and hardness level. Both come with diamond certifications. They are so visually alike that the differences cannot be seen to the naked eye.

Please call GN Diamond today to learn more about this growing market. With over 7,000 lab created diamonds and over 9,000 natural diamonds, GN certainly will certainly help you create more sales with free overnight shipping. Please call our office with any questions 800-724-8810,, or email us with any questions



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