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Weekend Listen: The Accutron Show ft. Isaac Mizrahi

This month’s special episode is dedicated to design and its multilayered expressions.




Isaac Mizrahi

Isaac Mizrahi

(PRESS RELEASE) Listen to The Accutron Show podcast this July 4th weekend. Featuring American fashion designer and TV presenter, Isaac Mizrahi, this month’s special episode is dedicated to design and its multilayered expressions.

Who: Accutron featuring American fashion designer, television presenter and chief designer of the Isaac Mizrahi brand for Xcel Brands, Isaac Mizrahi.
What: The Accutron Show is the first full-fledged podcast by a watch brand and is a series of approximately 30-minute conversations hosted by Entertainment Reporter Bill McCuddy (Fox News), Journalist David Graver (Cool Hunting, New York Times, Vogue), and Editor Scott Alexander (GQ, Playboy) about Americana culture and its evolution and expressions through time.

The fourth special episode of this season is dedicated to design and its multilayered expressions. For the occasion, our hosts meet with Isaac Mizrahi, a real master of transformation and Renaissance man, to discuss how he has constantly changed and redefined the meaning and role of “designer.” From the beginning of his career, touching on his many career choices, Mizrahi showcases how he blends various forms of art within his creations such as, comedy, music and theater.

“Design for me is something inborn, I never had to think too much about it, it’s always been this kind of obsession. I started in show business, doing female impersonations when I was 8 years old.”

Where: The Accutron Show Podcast, available to listen on Apple Music, Spotify, Stitcher and other major streaming platforms including YouTube.


When: Episode LIVE NOW!

Why: Embodying its tagline, “It’s Not A Timepiece. It’s A Conversation Piece.” Accutron proudly started a new twenty-first-century chapter in its conversation and re-established its role in today’s cultural-sphere with the launch of The Accutron Show podcast. Reaching #42 on Apple Podcasts in the ”Society & Culture” category in the U.S., the podcast returns for a second season of time travel into American consumer culture with an even more influential line-up of guest speakers.



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