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Holiday Season Mini Survey

10 Days to Christmas and the Party Continues for Jewelers

More than half are ahead of target at midpoint of holiday season, according to INSTORE survey.




10 Days to Christmas and the Party Continues for Jewelers

JEWELERS ARE CONTINUING to enjoy a bustling holiday season, with more than half saying that business was “terrific” or “better than expected,” according to our 2021 Holiday Season Mini Survey.

Less than 10 percent described the holiday season so far – 10 days out from Christmas – as “disappointing” or “dismal,” with the vast majority saying that sales and in-store traffic were as expected or better than expected.

10 Days to Christmas and the Party Continues for Jewelers

10 Days to Christmas and the Party Continues for Jewelers

“It started much earlier this year,” said Scot Caniglia of Josephs Jewelers in West Des Moines, IA. “We have been rolling along at Christmas pace for several weeks now. I feel like we are settling in with the rhythm of the pace. Need a few more people.

Staffing shortages and the pressure of keeping up with sales were a common refrain.

“We’re so short staffed but our little girl power group is rocking it,” said Mary Jo Chanski, Hannoush Jewelers, Rutland, VT.

Not surprisingly, despite the pressure, the mood of respondents this year was clearly upbeat.

“Local customers are back!!” said Joe Caron of Caron’s Jewelry, Bristol, RI, adding: “With little or no traveling being done due to Covid our local customers seem to be spending more on higher ticket items.”

Some jewelers noted that this year was marked by a “steadier” surge of holiday shoppers compared to previous years.

10 Days to Christmas and the Party Continues for Jewelers

“Definitely seeing a steadier crowd this [year] as opposed to the last-minute rush we’ve had the past few years. Several early shoppers claiming this was their last purchase to make for Christmas, which is especially shocking for men!” said Marc Majors of Sam L. Majors, Midland in Texas.

Such views were in line with the INSTORE Mini Survey polls, which found that nearly 90 percent of jewelers were reporting their sales were up or the same compared to last year’s holiday season.

10 Days to Christmas and the Party Continues for Jewelers

As for this year’s top-selling items, business owners offered a wide range of hot products, but big-ticket diamond goods came up repeatedly.

As Susan Eisen of Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry and Watches put it, “Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds.”

“Natural diamond studs – it’s crazy how many pairs we’re selling this year,” said Shari Altman of B&E Jewelers, Southampton in Pennsylvania. She added: “Our numbers are way up with less traffic this year, but larger sales. Happy holidays to all!”

In short, the trend this holiday season is up, and for most metrics – instore traffic, online traffic, the average ticket, the average price range of sales.

10 Days to Christmas and the Party Continues for Jewelers

“This has been a crazy year, but in a good way,” said Sue Parker of Nyman Jewelers, Escanaba in Michigan.

Commented Steven B. Goldfarb of Alvin Goldfarb Jeweler, Bellevue in Washington State, “I’m tired and my feet hurt.”

The second 2021 Holiday Season Mini Survey was taken on Tuesday by more than 120 independent jewelers who are part of our Brain Squad readers group. We will send out more surveys over the course of the holiday season. Look out for the results each week!




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