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Ascend Marketing Reports Strong Jeweler Response to Video Ad Plan




It’s planning a second webinar.

SALT LAKE CITY – Ascend Marketing, the company behind, a website providing turnkey marketing programs for jewelers, has seen a robust acceptance from jewelers in its plan to create a campaign of six network-quality Hollywood-produced TV ads that will be licensable by jewelers throughout North America.

Of the people who attended the initial launch webinar, 80 percent wanted in.

Jim Brusilovsky of Mark’s Jewelers in the Philadelphia area said, “I had seen the work of this creative team before and knew of their renown in the video business. I also knew the quality of their productions. So when I found out I could get Hollywood quality TV spots and videos for my independent store, for literally 6 cents on the dollar or less, it was a no-brainer for me.”

“I already use TV and I’m constantly challenged by coming up with quality spots I can afford to produce,” says Tricia LaBiche of LaBiche Jewelers in Meridian, MS. “When I saw this package and the price, I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of it.”

Interested jewelers will have another chance to be introduced to the program on another webinar scheduled for Thursday, April 19, 2 p.m. Jewelers may register for the introductory webinars at

Jim Ackerman, president of Ascend marketing, said, “These commercials would normally cost upwards of $30,000 each – perhaps much more – if produced individually. But we can achieve substantial savings by shooting the entire collection at once.


“Our idea is to have a small group of retail jewelers front the production costs for a fraction of what they’d pay for producing just one of these videos on their own. Not only will those jewelers have a minimum of three years rights to the videos in their protected territories, but there will be additional bonuses for ‘backers’ who get in early, very similar to the way it’s done on or other crowdfunding sites.”

Ackerman warns, however, that the crowdfunding opportunity is limited, and given the response to the first webinar, the opportunity may disappear quickly.

“I was stunned at the positive response to our first webinar. Imagine, four out of five attendees said YES! The only reason the opportunity isn’t already gone is that there weren’t that many on the webinar,” he said.

According to Albany’s Drue Sanders of Drue Sanders Custom Design Studio, “Jim helped me do some remarkable things in my business over the last year through his coaching program, so I trust him. I was still skeptical about using TV and video, though, until I saw the Anniversary spot’s storyboard, met his creative team on the webinar, and realized what an impossibly good deal this is. I’m all in!”

Ascend must have a minimum of 12 jewelers as “backers” and there is a maximum on the crowdfunding opportunity of 24. He says several spots are obviously already gone and 30 people are already signed up for Thursday’s webinar. So he encourages interested jewelers to pre-register for the webinar now, promising the opportunity will be awarded on a first-come basis until the maximum of 24 slots are filled.

“The creative team we’ve assembled for this project is literally renowned internationally. There is a surprise about how I’ve been able to assemble them at any affordable cost, and I’ll only reveal that on the webinar. However, you should know they are collectively responsible for more than half a BILLION YouTube and Facebook views, and have generated tens of millions of dollars for clients like Coca Cola, Pizza Hut, CricketWireless, The Dollar Beard Club, Poo-Pourii and more,” Ackerman claims. “People remember how they felt and therefore, who helped them feel that way. These videos will elicit an emotional response from viewers. Hence, the Tear and Ticklemoniker for the campiagn; that emotional tearing up, or warm tickle in the belly,” Ackerman says.


The series of commercials will include spots for:

  • Engagement
  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary

In addition to use in television advertising, the videos will be adaptable for use on jeweler websites and social media as well, further expanding their promotional utility andimproving the value of the jeweler’s investment.



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