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Benefits of the New and Improved GN Diamond Sales Tool – Featuring Light Brilliancy! (Part 2)

A Proven, easy to use sales tool that will help and improve closing rates!




(PRESS RELEASE) Every loose, natural, GN diamond comes with a unique QR code that retailers can easily download and show end consumers why one diamond is better and outshines another. A 3rd Party Light Performance score illustrates why seemingly similar diamonds are not the same and explains pricing differences, brightness, and gives your store a point of distinction against your competition. This easy-to-use sales tool helps solidify sales as well as create referrals. GN realizes that competition is tough, end consumers may have limited time in your store, and they want to understand why your store is different from the store down the street and more importantly why the diamonds you are presenting stand out.

Within 30 seconds consumers understand why one diamond is brighter and better than another diamond in the marketplace. This may reduce negotiations by as much as 50%. They understand and can easily see with a 360 degree view the inclusions are gentle, they are softly blending in with a facet, or they may easily be pronged or are white eye-clean. This quick and easy tool can cut the sales presentation into ½!

GN understand the challenges our retailers face on a day-to-day basis and try to help jewelers simplify the sale and sell more diamonds. By investing in tools that can provide jewelers with a point of distinction quickly and easily, closing percentages should also go hand in hand.

In 2024, GN looks forward to continue to support retailers with the right inventory at the right prices. Easy to use links on loose diamonds reveal all the necessary information on the diamond, a 360-degree view, GIA certification and the light performance. Please feel free to call GN today to gain more information on this easy-to-use tool at 800-724-8810, or

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