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Chatham Debuts an Upper End Line of Lab-Grown Color and Diamond Jewelry at NYFW

This collaboration brought a touch of timeless elegance and sophistication to the runway, captivating audiences and setting new trends in sustainable luxury.




Chatham Debuts an Upper End Line of Lab-Grown Color and Diamond Jewelry at NYFW
PHOTOGRAPHY:  Credit to Arun Nevader

(PRESS RELEASE) SAN MARCOS, CA — The fashion world embraces Chatham’s luxury lab-grown colored gemstone and diamond jewelry at New York Fashion Week. In a stunning collaboration that blended the worlds of fashion and jewelry, Chatham joined forces with renowned fashion designer Kevan Hall to present an upper end collection inspired by the glamour of the 1930s French Coast. This collaboration brought a touch of timeless elegance and sophistication to the runway, captivating audiences and setting new trends in sustainable luxury.

The runway show was a breathtaking exhibition, with models adorned in Kevan Hall’s creations, featuring Chatham’s lab-grown gemstones as the crowning jewels. The gemstones added a unique touch of opulence to each ensemble, elevating the overall aesthetic and delivering a powerful message about the potential of luxury lab-grown gemstones and diamonds in the fashion industry.

Chatham, a pioneer in the gem growing industry, has been at the forefront of luxury lab-grown jewelry production. Their commitment to ethical practices and social responsibility aligns perfectly with Kevan Hall’s vision for a fashion industry that prioritizes sustainability and responsible sourcing.

The inspiration for this remarkable partnership was drawn from the enchanting atmosphere of the 1930s French Riviera, where iconic destinations like Deauville and Cannes became synonymous with luxury and allure. In this collaboration, the gemstones were used in a variety of 18K gold settings, from necklaces and earrings to statement rings, all meticulously crafted to reflect the elegance of the French Coast. The lab-grown gemstones showcased a remarkable array of colors, from deep oceanic blues reminiscent of the Côte d’Azur to the vibrant teals that echoed the allure of Deauville’s glamorous beaches.

The collection’s debut at New York Fashion Week received rave reviews from industry insiders and fashion enthusiasts alike. It demonstrated that sustainability and luxury can go hand in hand, inspiring other designers, and brands to explore alternatives in their creations. This event marked a pivotal moment in the fashion industry’s acceptance of lab-grown color gemstones and diamonds. Chatham and Kevan Hall have set a new standard for responsible and high fashion, showing that the allure of the past can be seamlessly integrated into a sustainable future. As the world continues to prioritize sustainability, this collaboration stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when creativity and responsibility unite on the runway.

About Chatham

Chatham masterfully combines art and science. They are the leading luxury brand in laboratory- grown gemstones and diamond jewelry, offering unique designs ranging from classic to contemporary.


Chatham is the original architect of the gem-growing industry. Over 80 years ago, Carroll Chatham introduced the world to laboratory grown emeralds. By duplicating the conditions deep within the earth, his laboratory succeeded in growing a variety of the finest gems over the course of a year’s time. A discovery so unique, it remains a secret to this day. Today, Chatham is recognized as the industry leader in luxury lab grown gemstones and diamond jewelry.

About Kevan Hall

Detroit-born, Kevan Hall’s fashion passion ignited in childhood, maturing into a haute couture innovator redefining glamour for a new era. He revitalized Halston as Design and Creative Director from 1998 to 2000, dressing luminaries like Celine Dion and Charlize Theron. Launching his own line in 2001, Hall’s philosophy emphasizes pure style, impeccable tailoring, and sleek silhouettes. Awards including the Gold Coast Fashion Award and “Stylemaker of the Year” highlight his impact. Hall’s TV appearances, lectures at esteemed institutions, and leadership in initiatives like Black Design Collective underscore his influence. Today, his enduring collections cement Kevan Hall as a heritage brand of timeless elegance.



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