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Coronavirus Concerns, A Thought On Lab-Grown Diamonds, and More Of Your Letters

Plus comments on our “Future Is Female” story.




On “The Future Is Female”

  • I thought the February all-female issue was great. Planning on joining the Women’s Jewelry Association as a male member thanks to INSTORE’s awareness. Keep up the great work. — Barry Fixler, Barry’s Estate Jewelry, Bardonia, NY
  • We have been serving the self-purchasing female for 25 years. They’re a part of our family and they visit us often. She needs us to help complete a fashion look, or help outfit her for a special occasion, or design something personal she’s been dreaming about. This is our opportunity as an industry to expand how we do business. I see this when I’m exhibiting at shows. The female (if not the primary owner) walks up to my booth, excited to see color and texture. The male (usually the owner) stands back, usually won’t even look at my booth. That female is the customer that would be coming in and buying something different from you in your store if you would expand your selection! We are selling personals at the shows to your wives! That’s your customer! Look for opportunities, and embrace the changes coming our way! — Laurie Langdon-Gerber, Elisa Ilana Jewelry, Omaha, NE
  • Great story with some new ideas and insights! I have sold to female self-purchasers for over 20 years! I am delighted to see with my new store that the neighborhood women shop and engage and buy! I offer my space for gals’ gatherings. — Ellie Thompson, Ellie Thompson & Co., Chicago, IL
  • Yes, we as females can buy whatever we want. As I get older, I see more and more as I shop how people don’t pay attention to me. They don’t know I worked hard and saved my money and can buy what I want. The middle-aged woman coming in put the kids through college, took care of mom and dad and in-laws, is a grandma now, had a good career — now is her time. Maybe her ears are sagging, her neck wrinkled, her fingers have bumps, but she still wears diamonds. — Beth Guntzviller, Miners North Jewelers, Traverse City, MI

Coronavirus Concerns

  • Interested in how the coronavirus will disrupt the supply lines and could influence what jewelry lines will be able to deliver and show dates being canceled. With so many manufactures overseas, will new fashion ideas make it to market in time? — Scott Kelly, Jems Jewels & Gold, North Wales, PA
  • The coronavirus is a concern for a variety of reasons. The scare tactics by the media are overwhelming, and it is affecting all aspects of business, travel, and the stock market. It takes time to recover from the fear as there is never an all-clear when the fears begin to ease. — Annette Kinzie, Leonard Jewelry, Stillwater, OK

Lab-Grown Longevity

  • My two cents on lab-grown: They are here to stay. I had a 70 year-old lady ask me about lab-grown when looking at a pair of diamond studs for her 50th anniversary gift for herself. To me, that’s a solid sign lab-grown is not going anywhere. — Tom R. Nelson, Nelson Jewelry, Spencer, IA

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