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Creating Consumer Demand with Finished Diamond Jewelry

This strategy can prove beneficial during the holiday season and beyond, helping jewelers thrive in a competitive market.




Creating Consumer Demand with Finished Diamond Jewelry(PRESS RELEASE) GN Diamond has many compelling reasons for jewelers to buy natural finished diamond jewelry for stock, Inclusive of a 100% Guarantee.

  • Meeting Immediate Demand: Jewelers can cater to the majority of customers who prefer to make spontaneous purchases by having a readily available inventory of diamond jewelry. This can lead to increased sales and revenue during peak shopping seasons like the holidays.
  • Diverse Product Selection: GN Diamond’s range of diamond studs, tennis bracelets, and necklaces in various sizes and price points provides jewelers with a diverse product selection. This diversity can attract a broader customer base and enhance the chances of making sales to customers with different preferences and budgets.
  • Lab-Created Diamond Option: The availability of lab-created diamond studs at competitive price points enables jewelers to capture the market of price-conscious shoppers while still offering the allure of diamonds. This flexibility can help boost sales and cater to a wider audience.
  • Long-Term Confidence: GN Diamond’s 100% Sell Through Guarantee on natural diamonds and natural diamond jewelry provides jewelers with confidence when buying for stock. They can plan their inventory strategies with peace of mind, knowing that they have options for managing unsold stock.

In conclusion, purchasing natural, finished diamond jewelry for stock through GN Diamond offers jewelers several compelling advantages, including increased sales potential, a diverse product range, improved profit margins, flexibility in catering to various customer needs, and long-term confidence in their inventory management. This strategy can prove beneficial during the holiday season and beyond, helping jewelers thrive in a competitive market. GN Diamond is open 24/7 at,, or 800-724-8810.



Wilkerson Testimonials

Wilkerson: “They Feel Like Family”

Newton’s Jewelers in Fort Smith, Ark., was a true institution. But after being at the helm for most of his life, owner (and descendent of the original founder) Kelly Newton decided it was time to retire. He chose Wilkerson to handle the sale. “I’ve known the owners of Wilkerson for a long, long time. I felt at home with them,” he says. The final retirement sale was just a “blast” and the Wilkerson sales team made it so very simple and straightforward, says Newton. Would he recommend Wilkerson to others? Absolutely. “They’ve done incredible work,” says Newton. “They feel like family.”

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