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David Geller

David Geller: Dirty Dozen




Want to beat the competition this Christmas? David Geller gives you 12 promotional ideas that will help do the trick.

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[h3]Dirty Dozen[/h3]

[dropcap cap=H]ere’s an even dozen holiday promotional ideas you can use to get people’s attention this year:[/dropcap]

[dropcap cap=1.] If your staff wears nametags, have them slide a folded $10 bill under it so it’s easily visible. Customers will ask, “What’s the $10 bill doing on your blouse?” The reply: “Glad you asked, we’re giving 10 percent off today only on any of our gold bracelets [or whatever].” It’s a great way to start a conversation.[/dropcap]

[dropcap cap=2.] Have hot cider in the showroom with cookies at all times. The smell will entice passersby.[/dropcap]


[dropcap cap=3.] Have an easel board in front of the store with the day’s specials written on it.[/dropcap]

[dropcap cap=4.] Have an event party — three of them, in fact. One should be “Men’s Night Out” (not too unusual). The second should be “Caribbean Night”. The pitch? “Why go on a cruise to get the jewelry people buy on a cruise? Come to our store!” Have the staff dress up in Hawaiian shirts; have on memo lots of colored stone jewelry and diamond jewelry. Give away a free trip to the Caribbean. Also hold a “Women’s Wish Night.” Let the ladies chose the items they love and the staff contacts the significant other. Have it gift wrappable and deliverable to the “other.”[/dropcap]

[dropcap cap=5.] Give 2 to 5 percent of every sale you make during one of the big holiday shopping weekends to the Children’s Make a Wish campaign or to the Empty Stocking Fund. Send press releases to the local newspapers about it.[/dropcap]

[dropcap cap=6.] Santa’s Secret Gift Box. Send all of your customers a key. Keep a “Santa’s Secret Treasure Chest” in the showroom with a lock on it. Maybe 10 percent of the keys will really open the box. Inside the chest are 12 gift-wrapped boxes, with glittering presents from your store. Let your customers choose any one.[/dropcap]

[dropcap cap=7.] Fill your showroom with helium balloons. Let your customers choose one to pop. Out falls a slip of paper with a discount off of the ticketed price.[/dropcap]

[dropcap cap=8.] Customer perk. Be like Discover Card, figure up the tally and let your old customers get 2 percent back on last year’s purchases towards their purchases this Christmas.[/dropcap]


[dropcap cap=9.] Great customer perk, especially if you’re in a mall. Hire someone to give foot or neck massages to your customers.[/dropcap]

[dropcap cap=10.] Let a Girl Scout troop have space in your store to gift-wrap packages. Let them make money by charging your customers for items not bought at your store. But their cost of “renting space” is to do your buyers’ wrapping for free or half price.[/dropcap]

[dropcap cap=11.] Give the staff one point for every $100 they sell. After the season they can trade in their points for prizes, including days off.[/dropcap]

[dropcap cap=12.] Buy a 21” television for about $350 and set it up in the back. Big Sign “Largest Sale During Christmas Gets the Television.” It’s a great incentive for not much money.[/dropcap]

David Geller is an author and consultant to jewelry-store owners on store management and profitability. E-mail him at [email protected].

[span class=note]This story is from the October 2003 edition of INSTORE[/span]




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