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Fan Club: Brooke Gregson

Monica Rich Kosann describes the compelling combination of macramé and cut gemstones in Brooke Gregson’s collection.




Fan Club: Brooke Gregson

BROOKE GREGSON travels extensively to handselect the most unique stones. She combines the highest craftsmanship with a desire to balance modern shapes with stones that have an earthy quality.

 In her new collection, Gregson focuses on handmade macramé style friendship bracelets with one-of-a-kind stones in painterly colors as well as complementary drop earrings, rings, and delicate and bold necklaces in gems that range from slices to rose cuts and natural colored diamonds to tourmalines.

Gregson began her jewelry career after designing knitwear for fashion brands including Louis Vuitton and Marni. She draws inspiration from her textile background, and this expertise continues to inform the colors and sophistication of her latest collection, entitled “Silk Woven.” Born and raised in Los Angeles, Gregson currently resides in London. She has been making jewelry with the help of master craftsmen in both Los Angeles and London since 2004.


“I MET BROOKE at the recent Couture Show in Las Vegas this past June, and I really loved what she did with various cuts and colors of stones as macramé bracelets. There was something effortless yet chic about them. I liked that they were mostly one-of-akind, depending on the cut and color of the stones, and I appreciated the stone choices and the various colors. The moonstones, labradorites and opals all looked incredible, whether surrounded by diamonds or left in a simple bezel. I also thought there was a good selection of shapes: rectangles, ovals, longer ovals, and three stone styles that were all very flattering on the wrist.”

“THESE are also pieces that women of any age could easily be attracted to and want to wear, from my daughter to myself. The ability to mix these easy to wear and very comfortable on-the-wrist styles with my charm bracelets, larger links or thinner bracelets is a real draw.”


“BROOKE’S collection is also great for the retailer because you can’t stop at one. You need to have more to layer together or wear with different pieces.”

“WHILE I do think the bracelet is the ‘item’ that drives this collection, I think Brooke did a good job in merchandising in earrings and pendants, and it’s important for a store to show an entire collection, even if they focus more on the pieces that are sure to make for multiple sales.”


Fan Club: Brooke Gregson

MONICA RICH KOSANN: The creative director and founder of Monica Rich Kosann Fine Jewelry, Kosann started creating 18K gold and sterling silver lockets, charm bracelets and a broad collection of other fine jewelry because of her belief that every woman has a story to tell. Kosann’s pieces are modern classics that weave together luxurious materials including 18K gold, diamonds and other precious stones.

Kosann’s first career was as a black-and-white portrait photographer. The personal nature and heirloom quality of her portraits were an ever-present inspiration for her interest in jewelry design, and along the way, she started creating lockets and charm bracelets to hold special photographs or personal messages.


For Kosann, the jewelry design process is driven by one question she always asks herself: “Can a woman give this piece of jewelry to her daughter in 20 years?”



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