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Here’s the Ultimate Pre-Vegas Timeline for Manufacturers

One of the most hectic and busy trade shows is (finally!) upon us.




ONE OF THE most hectic and busy trade shows is (finally!) upon us and while we have dearly missed the in-person interaction, we certainly have not missed the frustration and chaos that come along with being an exhibitor. Sometimes it seems as if Murphy’s Law was created especially for this show — if something can go wrong, it almost certainly will. So, with most buyers coming to Vegas this year not having been to a major trade in over a year, it is more crucial than ever to make sure you are adequately prepared. That is why I put together the ultimate Pre-Vegas timeline to make sure this year’s show doesn’t flop for you or your company.

  • Run the Data: I cannot stress this enough: Data makes the difference. Run your data to make smart decisions on what type of product you should create, whether it indicates you need more dangle earrings or you need to expand options within a collection. Nothing looks worse to a buyer than a manufacturer who presents a bunch of random pieces pulled together.
  • Manufacture the Product: If you have not already started manufacturing your product, start now. Doing so will allow you time to get samples in and adjust the designs. Trust me, you do not want to be the guy who shows a piece saying something like “imagine this with a thinner shank”.
  • Button Up the Booth: Take advantage of the discounts that you will get by having your booth logistics taken care of in advance. It could literally save you thousands of dollars, not to mention lots of headaches. Do not forget to check on the condition and quantity of your display elements!
  • Organize Your Staff: Register staff who are attending and make sure those staying behind have a clear understanding of how to complete the responsibilities of those who will be out. This ensures that you will come back to business as usual and not business that is a week behind.
  • SET UP APPOINTMENTS: One of the biggest mistakes you can make as an exhibitor is hoping and praying that buyers will come by. Most buyers have their days scheduled down to restroom breaks and if they do stop by, it is only after they have spent all their money with your competitor.
  • LAYOUT YOUR SHOWCASE DISPLAYS: Sketch the layout of your booth and showcases on a piece of paper. Pick out the pieces you want to be a part of your presentation to those who are walking by and assign them to a general location on your paper. Be sure there is a cohesion and flow to your layout and of course, make sure you have enough elements for what you have selected.
  • UPDATE & REPLENISH YOUR MATERIALS: Check that things like booth number and office address are current on all of your marketing materials, business cards and presentations, and order more if your supply is low.
    LAUNCH MARKETING: Whether you plan on doing boosted campaigns on social media, or simply adding your booth information in your email’s signature, make sure people know you will be attending.
  • DO INVENTORY & UPDATE TAGS: You want to make sure your inventory is as up to date as possible before shipping it off to Vegas. If it is not, I can almost guarantee you there will be a discrepancy when it returns. Likewise, make sure all your tags are up to date with prices that reflect current gold rates.



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