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EVER WONDER how productive you are compared to other jewelers? Well, one way to do that is by seeing exactly what a successful jeweler does during a normal work week. So we’ve started asking jewelers to write down everything ? everything! ? they do for an entire week. For our inaugural edition, Holly Wesche Conn of Wesche Jewelers in Melbourne, FL, takes on the assignment. Wesche’s store is a successful single-store operation with 25 employees. In September 2006, it moved from a strip center into a new 15,000-square-foot freestanding building. Wesche Jewelers occupies the entire building with the showroom and goldsmiths’ shop on the first floor, and offices on the second floor. People mentioned in these entries include: general manager Sandi Brockert, store manager Carrie Bell, finance manager Lynn Busic and director of marketing Debbie Helton. 
8:30 A.M. Check e-mail and voice mail messages. Respond to e-mails. 
9:30 P.M. Discussion with Carrie about a few pending sales, and about advertising on the GIA website for another gemologist and sales associate. 
10 A.M. Computer (IT) guys arrive. I talk to them about their plans for the day. Several employees have been having minor problems with their computer. IT guys are addressing problems, upgrading my computer, and we are bringing our e-mail system in-house.  
11 A.M. Returned several phone calls. 
11:30 A.M. Photocopied documents (tax returns, financial statements, etc) for afternoon meeting with Daryl, bank president. Also reviewed my notes to prepare for the meeting.  
12:30 P.M. Lunch out with Sandi and Pat. 
1:30 P.M. IT guys are still working on my computer. Sorted through my ?IN? box, opened mail, etc. Reviewed my ?Action Items? folder for the week. 
2 P.M. Reviewed QuickBooks unpaid bills report (Lynn leaves this in my ?IN? box every Friday afternoon). Authorized checks to be written. Met with Lynn to quickly review current financial position and significant upcoming obligations.  
3 P.M. Went downstairs to the salesfloor to chat with a customer I know who was making a purchase.  
? Briefly spoke to a few sales associates about our recent gift certificate promotion ? wanted to hear their feedback ?one-on-one.?  
3:40 P.M. Got progress report from IT guys before they left. 
4 P.M. Met with Daryl, bank president, in my office. Reviewed my company’s performance for 2006 and discussed my financial needs for 2007. 
5:30 P.M. Check e-mail and voice mail messages. Respond to some e-mails. 
6:15 P.M. Done for the day. 
8:30 A.M. Check e-mail and voice mail messages. Respond to e-mails. Made a few phone calls. 
10 A.M. Met with Debbie to discuss upcoming advertising / marketing. Swarovski event and ?Career Shadowing Day? are next week.  
? Advertising for April, ?How to Buy a Diamond? seminar. 
12 P.M. Lunch out with Sandi. 
1:15 P.M. Photographer arrives for photo shoot. She is taking pictures of me and our new building for INSTORE ?Cool Stores? feature and for future use in brochures, etc.  
3 P.M. Sign checks and return to Lynn. 
3:15 P.M. Met with Sandi to discuss various topics, mostly personnel issues. She also told me about her recent phone conversations with a few vendors and we touched on our merchandising strategy regarding those vendors.  
4:30 P.M. Try to tackle several pending issues with our new building.  
? Call about new Dumpster; call cabinet company; call landscape architect about final site visit and irrigation; review proposal for gutters; separate surveys for filing in appropriate folders, etc. 
? Find name of paint color per customer’s request. 
5 P.M. Should leave for my 5:30 workout but stay and work instead. (My business coach will scold me!)  
6 P.M. Check e-mail before leaving work at 6. 
8:15 A.M. Check e-mail and voice mail messages. Respond to emails. Return phone calls. 
11:30 P.M. Attend Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors lunch meeting. 
1:45 P.M. Review notes from our last ?How to Buy a Diamond? seminar. Update topics ? make general notations for changes. 
2:15 P.M. Longtime customers come in to pick up Rolex watch for their daughter. Visit with them while we engrave and gift- wrap it. 
3 P.M. Join Sandi as she meets a vendor in her office. 
4 P.M. Chamber Business Council Meeting. 
5:30 P.M. Run two brief errands after the meeting, on my way home. 
9 A.M. Check e-mail and voice mail messages.Respond to e-mails. 
10:30 A.M. Work on revised advertising/marketing budget to give to Debbie. 
11 A.M. Spoke to Carrie about various topics: a potential new sales associate, who she thinks should go to Hearts On Fire University; the ?How to Buy a Diamond? seminar in our store next month and pending sales. 
12 P.M. Lunch 
1 P.M. Met with Bridgitte from the American Heart Association. We were a corporate sponsor for the ?Go Red for Women? luncheon held last week. She wanted feedback on the event. 
1:30 P.M. Returned four phone calls. 
2:30 P.M. On sales floor. Met with customer regarding emerald and diamond pendant. 
? Another customer I know came in so I visited with them.  
?Talked to sales associates about Swarovski Event next week. Asked about response we are getting from direct mail piece and phone calls. 
4 P.M. Touched base with Sandi about store meeting tomorrow. 
5 P.M. Leave to work out at 5:30. Home by 6:45. 
8:15 A.M. Arrive, say hello to staff, get ready for store meeting.  
8:45 A.M. Store meeting (mandatory for all employees). 
10 A.M. Check e-mails and voice mail messages. Respond to e-mails. Tackle list of phone calls to return before the weekend. 
11:45 A.M. Lunch with husband. 
1 P.M. Doctor’s appointment. (regular checkup) 
2:30 P.M. Prepare for follow-up meeting with Daryl, bank president, on Monday. Update cash-flow spreadsheet. 
3:30 P.M. Organize my notes from this week for INSTORE’S request to keep track of how I spend my time.  
? Sort through pile of papers that has accumulated on my desk. 
? Write thank-you letter to a customer who waited months for an item we special-ordered ? customer was very patient. 
4:30 P.M. Prepare for management meeting Monday morning. 
5 P.M. Check e-mails and voice mail messages. Respond to e-mails. 
6 P.M. Done for the day. 
THE GOOD: “Got most of our computer / e-mail issues resolved.” 
THE BAD: “Didn’t have much time to spend with Debbie, who started last week.” 
THE PLAN: “Set aside more time for Debbie next week.”



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