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This Is the Biggest Change in How Stores Sell Jewelry

One answer captured nearly 40% of the vote.



FOR BIG SURVEY 2017, we asked this question: “What do you think has been the biggest change in the way jewelry is sold inside a store environment in the past 10 years?”

Nearly 40 percent of readers said that the biggest change in the way jewelry is sold inside a store environment in the past 10 years is the premium that customers place on receiving an “experience.” If you were to look at photos and features from INSTORE’s “America’s Coolest Stores” over the same time frame, you would see that notion

It’s not surprising to see an increase in custom demand voted as second-biggest change, followed by an increased use of technology and more informed customers (which seem to go hand-in-hand).

Below are the full results. Look out for all the results of the 2017 Big Survey in the October edition of INSTORE.

Increased importance of creating a customer “experience”




More customization



More informed consumers



Increased use of technology like iPads




Increased price transparency



More self-directed buying (play and try on)



Side-by- side selling




More event-based selling (trunk shows, etc.)






This article originally appeared in the October 2017 edition of INSTORE.



When Sales Beat Projections, You Know Wilkerson Did Its Job

There are no crystal balls when it comes to sales projections. But when Thomasville, Georgia jeweler Fran Lewis chose Wilkerson to run the retirement/going-out-of-business sale for Lewis Jewelers and More, she was pleasantly surprised to learn that even Wilkerson could one-up its own sales numbers. “Not only did we meet our goal, but we exceeded the goal that Wilkerson had given us by about 134%,” she says. After more than 40 years in the business, Lewis says she decided a few years ago to “move towards retirement.” And she was impressed by Wilkerson’s tenure in the industry. Overall, she’d recommend the company to anyone else who may be thinking it’s time to hang up their loupe. “As a full package, they’ve done a very good job and I’d definitely recommend Wilkerson.”

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