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Jewel360 Partners With Jewelers for Children; Introduces Round Up Donations to Point of Sale System

Integration allows jewelers to prompt consumers to round up purchases to support charitable giving efforts.




(PRESS RELEASE) PROVO, UT — Jewel360, the all-in-one, cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) software built to meet the needs of modern jewelry retailers, announced a new integration, in partnership with Jewelers for Children (JFC), that provides jewelers the ability to prompt donations on Jewel360 point of sale systems.

As the jewelry retail world has modernized, customers rarely carry change or pay in cash, meaning that a digital alternative to outdated donation canisters gives customers a way to give back. The integration with Jewelers for Children, which will be available to all Jewel360 customers, prompts consumers to round up their credit card purchases on the POS terminal at the time of sale, noting that the donation will be made to Jewelers for Children.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Jewel360 to bring this integration to jewelry stores around the nation. Enabling consumers to have a direct way to donate, as they desire, is paramount to bringing more resources to the children,” says Sara Murphy, executive director at Jewelers for Children

Jewelers for Children was founded in 1999 by the U.S. jewelry industry with the mission of helping children in need. Since its inception, the organization has donated more than $61 million to programs benefiting children whose lives have been affected by illness, abuse, or neglect. The nationwide success is due to the continuing generosity of jewelry trade organizations, jewelry and watch manufacturing companies, jewelry retail stores, individual jewelry professionals, and jewelry consumers.

“The way consumers shop has continued to drastically change,” said Nick Gurney, general manager of Jewel360. “Everything from credit cards to eCommerce has made it difficult for jewelry store businesses to collect donations. This new integration allows jewelers to not only support Jewelers for Children, but makes it simple for consumers to donate at the time of their purchase.”

“We’re excited to be partnering with Jewel360 to bring this integration to jewelry stores around the nation,” said Sara Murphy, executive director at Jewelers for Children. “Our mission to help children in need is a direct result of the generosity of jewelry organizations, professionals, and stores. Enabling consumers to have a direct way to donate, as they desire, is paramount to bringing more help and resources to the children.”


Jewel360 will be attending The American Gem Society’s (AGS) International Conclave in Austin, Texas from April 15-17, 2024. Attendees can experience the Jewel360 platform and receive more information about the Jewelers for Children integration at booth #215.

On April 16, attendees can join Jewel360 at 10:45 a.m. CDT in Room 400 for a presentation on Selling in a Modern Marketplace. The seminar will cover understanding the modern customer and their preferences, the importance of online presence and digital marketing, strategies for effective customer engagement, and how to integrate ecommerce into the business.

To learn more about Jewel360 and book a time to meet at the show, visit:



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