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Judge the Jewels: Beyonce Slays in Silver for Country Album Promo

Her outfit was custom Dolce and Gabbana with a silver, leather and turquoise bolo tie.




The sighting: Queen Beyonce blew all of our minds by using the recent Super Bowl to announce the upcoming release of her first country album. The superstar wore a Western-inspired outfit to the big game, complete with silver jewelry.

The jewels: Beyonce’s Super Bowl outfit – which she was wearing when her Super Bowl commercial turned all eyes to her – is custom Dolce and Gabbana with a silver, leather, and turquoise bolo tie.

A bolo tie! On Beyonce!! Can you even?? I am verklempt. I haven’t been able to find a maker for the Super Bowl bolo, so it may very well be D&G made to go with the outfit.

While trying to research this piece, I learned that Beyonce has already worn another completely different bolo tie to a promotional event on Feb. 21, this one a diamond piece by De Beers. The De Beers bolo was white metal as well, although it’s probably white gold or platinum rather than silver.

Many of the other promotional images connected to Beyonce’s country album and outfits she’s worn since making the announcement involve silver jewelry too, including one divisive image of her wearing enormous silver earrings and what can only be described as a silver metal bikini.

The trends: Beyonce adopted silver as the signature color of her wildly popular Renaissance tour, which inspired so many of her fans to wear silver to the shows that InStyle magazine even wrote an article called “The Bigger, Cosmic Meaning Behind Wearing Silver to Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour” about the connection that silver has to Beyonce’s astrological sign, the color’s cosmic meaning, and silver’s energetic ability to protect against negative vibes.

In other words: Beyonce’s affect on silver’s popularity – in both clothing and jewelry – has only begun. If she keeps going with her new allegiance to this metal, the trend will absolutely affect jewelry trends.

Researching this article led me to a flood of recent press about the Cowboycore trend and how it’s about to be huge. I’ve also seen more than one social media account just among my own personal acquaintances posting photos of people in cowboy hats and other western styles with captions like “Beyonce’s got me like…” and her country album hasn’t even dropped yet.

What do we think? I admit that country music isn’t my thing, personally … but I am an absolutely enormous fan of thematically appropriate wardrobe choices, and Beyonce’s pivot to country has been so wonderfully glamorous and interesting that it’s a true joy to witness.

I’m very, very interested to see how this shift affects demand for jewelry. You may want to make sure you have a bolo tie source established before Beyonce’s country album drops in late March.

Judgement: 17/10 for a major style move from a true icon.

What do YOU think?




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