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Judge the Jewels: Dewayne Perkins Pops in a Pearl-Covered Look For Indiewire Honors

He wore an assortment of pearl styles by demi-fine brand Melinda Maria Jewelry.




The sighting: Writer and comedian Dewayne Pekins recently attended the Indiewire Honors. His ensemble for the event was a pearl-covered black suit accessorized by pearl necklaces and earrings.

The jewels: Perkins is wearing an assortment of pearl styles by demi-fine brand Melinda Maria Jewelry. Specifically, he’s wearing two earrings, an ear cuff, and either two pearl necklaces or one long necklace doubled up.

Based on my scrolling through Melinda Maria’s website and squinting at the paparazzi photos, I believe Perkins is wearing the Perfect Pearl Necklace with detachable teardrop ($178) and the Life’s a Ball Pearl Ear Cuff ($42), as well as two other elongated stick-style stud earrings that aren’t currently listed on the brand’s website. The materials of both styles are 18K yellow gold plated brass with shell pearls and white CZ.

Scroll to the second photo in the Instagram slideshow to see a close-up of the earrings. And it looks like he may also have a pearl hairclip at the back of his head, but it’s hard to get a good look.

The trends: We’ve seen more and more men wearing pearls on red carpets and I have to say I’m a huge fan of the look. It’s chic and the way it juxtaposes traditional male tailoring with a historically feminine accessory perfectly captures Gen Z’s love of defying conventional style expectations.

What do we think? I said this above, but I think this look is fantastic. Perkins looks polished and stylish; the pearls bring a freshness and level of edge to the outfit without making it feel excessively fussy. It’s very successful, IMHO, and I think more men should consider the gorgeous simplicity of a dark suit with pearls for formal events.

Judgement: 17/10 for pure man-pearl perfection.

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