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Judge the Jewels: Emma Roberts Pairs Pop Art Hearts with Ethereal Elegance

CMT Music Awards jewels were all Irene Neuwirth.




The sighting: Actress Emma Roberts recently presented at the 2024 CMT Music Awards wearing a Dolce & Gabbana gown of flowing chiffon. Let’s take a look at the jewels she accessorized it with!

The jewels: Emma Roberts’ CMT Music Awards jewels are all Irene Neuwirth. Specifically, she’s wearing Irene Neuwirth’s one-of-a-kind True Love green tourmaline earrings, shaped like gold gem-set hearts with arrows shot through them, and also Irene Neuwirth’s one-of-a-kind Gem Drop cushion cut green tourmaline bezel ring.

These exact earrings aren’t listed online, but the designer does offer a similar style with a plain gold heart (no arrow or gem) in 18K yellow gold for $3,280. The one-of-a-kind ring is still available online, with its cushion cut green tourmaline in 18K yellow gold, for $10,020.

The trends: Hearts have been trendy for a few years, as have green gems – but the most interesting trend I see here is the rising prevalence of Pop Art designs. It’s just starting out, but it’s happening.

Roberts’ decision to forgo a necklace and just wear statement earrings and a ring is also in keeping with current red carpet trends for more understated jewelry curation.

What do we think? I enjoy this! Most stylists would have leaned into the delicate Greek goddess vibes of this dress by pairing it with romantic, organic-feeling jewels, perhaps pearls or dainty gold, but the choice to go for contrast with bold Pop Art hearts and green tourmaline is a very effective departure from the expected.

Nothing about the look feels especially country to me, which is a little surprising for the event, but there’s no rule that says that presenters at the CMT Music Awards absolutely must lean into the theme.

Judgement: 11/10 for a fun, creative styling choice.

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