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Judge the Jewels: Margot Robbie Wears Iconic Chanel ’95 Necklace As Barbie

The movie contains many delightful accessories, but one colorful necklace stands out.





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The sighting: Actress Margot Robbie embodied all things Barbie in her role as the titular character in the new Barbie movie, but there is one accessory that fans just cannot stop talking about.

The jewels: The Barbie movie contains many delightful accessories, but one colorful Chanel necklace stands out above the rest. The spectacular statement piece features a row of large, colorful stones with white stone halos set beneath a row of sideways pear-shaped pearls, alternating with gold Chanel logos. Further pear-shaped pearls dangle from the end of each stone and each logo. The piece de resistance is a large heart-shaped pendant hangs from the central logo.

The piece is genuine Chanel, from the brand’s legendary spring/summer 1995 runway show. According to Vogue, costume designer Jacqueline Durann borrowed heavily from the Chanel archive to outfit the Barbie movie’s Barbie. Durran told Vogue that “If Margot wears anything that we didn’t make, it’s pretty much [all] Chanel.”

I haven’t been able to find materials information for this specific necklace, but I did track down a L’Huillier auction listing for a very similar Chanel necklace from the same ’95 collection. The auction listing describes that Chanel necklace as being made of “gold metal” with crystal cabochons and rhinestones. I think it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that the Barbie necklace is demi-fine as well.

The trends: Social media is currently filled with fashion girlies trying to track down this exact necklace – or affordable dupes. It’s safe to assume that there’s going to be a new subset of Barbiecore that’s dedicated to the boldness and joyful exuberance of this exact piece.

What do we think? Costume designer Durann utterly nailed this jewelry choice. The necklace is joyful and over the top and a little bit surreal, just like the best of Barbie’s pink-hued world. I gasped when I saw it on screen and I feel that same level of delight each time I see this piece.

I said above that “the fashion girlies” are desperate for this necklace…and that’s true, but also the fashion girlies are me. I am the one who wants this necklace. Please, can I have it? Pretty please?

Judgement: 1000/10

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