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Judge the Jewels: Ryan Gosling Wears a Tiny Tribute to His Love at Barbie Premiere

He donned a pink suit for the occasion and topped it off with a sentimental necklace.





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The sighting: Actor Ryan Gosling recently attended an LA premiere for the Barbie movie, in which he stars as Ken. Gosling donned a perfectly pink suit for the occasion and topped it off with a sentimental necklace.

The jewels: Ryan Gosling is wearing a chain with a letter “E” pendant in Barbie’s iconic pink-edged white script. The E is a reference to the actor’s longtime partner, Eva Mendes.

I was frustrated at first because I couldn’t find a jewelry credit for Gosling’s E necklace, but eventually I discovered that this is because it’s not made by a jewelry brand at all. The actor’s stylist, Mark Avery, revealed on Instagram that he had the pink-edged letter custom made by Hollywood 3D printing so that he could get the Barbie font and color exactly right.

I am seriously impressed by this level of attention to detail.

The trends: Is it too on the nose to point out that this fits the Barbiecore trend? I don’t think you can get more Barbiecore than a pink letter accenting a pink suit on the man who played Ken.

As for its potential to take off, one has only to look at Hollywood3dPrinting’s Instagram post of this piece to see a slew of comments with dozens of likes from people begging to order Barbie-style initial pendants of their own.

What do we think? This is just perfection. I came of age in The Notebook era, so Ryan Gosling already had a special place in my heart. But his performance as Ken and the utter magnificence of this all-pink outfit, topped with a tiny tribute to the lady who holds his heart could not possibly be more delightful than it already is.

Judgement: 27/10 for pink-edged perfection.

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