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Judge the Jewels: The Biebers’ Do Romance with Giant Gem-Set Mushrooms

The matched set of pendants was created for the Biebers by Alex Moss New York.




The sighting: Singer Justin Bieber has been out and about wearing a distinctive set of jewelry: two large and very sparkly mushroom pendants. I did some digging and found out that the pair of fancy fungi were an anniversary gift from his wife, Hailey.

The jewels: The two extremely magical mushroom pendants are a matched set created for the Biebers by Alex Moss New York. The sizable ‘shrooms each feature a diamond-set stem and a colorful top, one with blue gems and one with yellow gems. The yellow mushroom features five large bezel set diamonds while the blue one boasts five large bezel-set colorful stones.

The five stones in each mushroom represent the couple’s five years of marriage. There’s no hint at price, but Alex Moss generally uses very high quality materials, so we can assume these mushrooms are quite valuable.

The trends: Mushrooms as a motif have been very popular over the last few years! They rose to prominence as part of the Cottagecore trend, but they overlap perfectly with the 90’s revival and interest in the cute and supernatural (mushrooms have big fairy vibes).

What do we think? I find this delightful. Celebrities are often unimaginative in their jewelry choices, so I really take notice when someone does something unexpected – and Justin Bieber wearing two giant gem-set mushrooms while out and about in his daily life caught my attention immediately.

A 5-year anniversary gift is a sweet and normal gesture, but why are they mushrooms?? I did some Googling, and apparently Justin Bieber just loves mushroom imagery – he wears mushroom motifs a lot. I wonder if there’s some kind of symbolism for him there, or if he just thinks they’re cool? Either way, this seems like a great gift.

Judgement: 14/10 for a delightfully weird gift that seems to have personal meaning.

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