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A Smarter Way to Display





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Larry Johnson has worked his entire life making jewelry more saleable. He hasn’t done this by designing jewelry — he’s done it by figuring out better ways to merchandise it at point of sale. Johnson has literally written the book on visual merchandising for the jewelry industry.

And nowhere has his experience mattered more than with the design of Smart™ Pro, a ready-to-ship, innovation-packed display system available from the California-based Box Brokers Group.

A Smarter Way to Display

Smart Pro displays are easy to load into your vault or safe: The magnetic top slips right off so closings are a breeze!

Smart Pro is affordable, intelligently designed and created with independent jewelers top of mind. Most independent jewelers buy stock-sized display cases (5’ or 6’ in width). Smart Pro platforms are designed to take advantage of the interiors of these stock cases, so they’re available in 22”, 16” and 11” widths, maximizing case space and allowing jewelers to show more jewelry. Each platform’s top slides out, so merchandise at the front of a display is always easy to access. And Smart Pro’s magnetic tops are totally removable making end-of-day trips to the safe a breeze.

Here’s what else Smart Pro offers:

  • Hidden spaces for counter pads, back stock, ring sizers and polishing cloths.
  • Unique Hide-A-Tag feature designed to keep stock looking its best.
  • Five vibrant colors (Celestial Blue, Paradiso, Luna, Palladium and Pecan Shell Lite) can combine for up to 25 different looks.
  • Durable, easy-to-clean display fabric will last for years of use.
  • Custom imprinting available.

Smart Pro displays are now held in standard stock for readily available shipping and fast delivery directly from Box Brokers Group. Not sure of what’s best for you store? Take advantage of free support with Box Brokers design consultants, all trained by Larry Johnson.

A Smarter Way to Display


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