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Spring Is Upon Us, Along With International Women’s Day, Barbie’s Birthday and More Calendar Dates

March also brings a Robert Frost anniversary and some wise words to keep close at mind through 2024.





6 BARBIE, that eternally youthful beauty, TURNS 70 today. Celebrate with a display in your windows (how about a dozen Barbies modeling your best earrings?). Or invite customers to join a Barbie-themed event. Last year’s smash hit movie showed her hold on women is as strong as ever. Come on Barbie, let’s go party!

8 On INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY, show your support for all the women who work in your store: Buy Superwoman capes for them to wear today (or some other mutually agreed-upon way to honor your female staffers).

19 On the FIRST DAY OF SPRING, why not hold a ring event? “It’s undeniable that many young couples get engaged right before graduation,” says jewelry-store consultant Megan Crabtree. “Offering a Spring Ring event with a call to action will increase traffic and overall sales.”

26 ROBERT FROST, who was BORN 150 YEARS AGO TODAY, wrote a lot of wise things. Our favorite? “The only way out is through.” Put it down on a sticky note for your computer screen as we face up to a challenging year.

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