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Stunning Lab Grown Diamonds from Kyiv Display Both of Ukraine’s Colors

New developments from world record holder Meylor Global.




Stunning Lab Grown Diamonds from Kyiv Display Both of Ukraine’s Colors

(PRESS RELEASE) ANTWERP, BELGIUM — The International Gemological Institute (IGI), the world’s largest independent gemological laboratory, has analyzed 10.96 carat rough and 4.38 carat polished lab grown diamonds which display color zones of both blue and yellow.

The unique bi-color creations were grown using High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) by Meylor Global (Meylor), a Kyiv based company that holds the record for the largest rough lab grown rough diamond crystal ever produced. Both bi-color gemstones will be on display at JCK Las Vegas, June 2-5, booth # 6135.

The 4.38 carat stone is a polished radiant cut measuring 9.93 x 8.88 x 6.21 millimeters, with VVS2 clarity and Very Good cut. The bi-coloration is described as Fancy Deep Greenish Blue.

“The blue and yellow are described as ‘greenish’ because natural and lab grown fancy colored diamonds are traditionally assessed with all hues, tones and saturation considered collectively,” explained Steve Rees, executive director of IGI’s North American grading lab. “What’s observed here is deliberate, specific color separation, induced by Meylor, the first of its kind we’ve seen. We’re excited at the opportunity to study this innovative development moving forward.”

According to Rees, the 10.96 carat rough crystal also displays specific blue and yellow color zones, with cubo-octahedral faces and metallic inclusions typical of the HPHT growth process. That process uses a metal catalyst, which causes the 10.96 carat crystal to attract to a rare earth magnet. Both gemstones finished as-grown with no evidence of post-growth treatment. IGI spectroscopy classified both as Type IIb, with traces of nitrogen in the yellow zones. Meylor stated that calculated boron doping was employed to create blue color zones.

“Precise color zoning is the result of years of research and experiments where chemicals and cycling are rigorously controlled,” stated Yuliya Kusher. CEO of Meylor Global. “Once we understood the physics we used precise nitrogen and boron content, coupled with strictly controlled pressure, temperature and growth rates to produce this fascinating mix of bi coloration, corresponding to the Ukrainian national flag.”


“IGI is honored to be chosen to authenticate and share new technological pursuits and achievements,” said Avi Levy, president of IGI North America. “We appreciate the trust we have earned in the market these many years and are pleased to serve as the bridge of authenticity and authority from the source to the end consumer.”

“The lab grown diamond sector is rapidly evolving as technology advances,” added John Pollard, IGI senior director of Education. “Whereas natural gemstone analysis and education have a well-established foundation, we are regularly updating content about lab grown gemstones in our diploma programs, eLearning courses and seminars to reflect new steps forward. Some of those steps present an opportunity for IGI to evolve the assessment and descriptions for certain material, as we have with inclusions seen in lab grown diamonds. It’s an exciting time to be in the diamond, gem, and jewelry business.

IGI will be providing onsite diamond screening and grading services at JCK Las Vegas, booth #8055. Attendees are invited to join IGI for two JCK Talks sessions: “Lab Grown Diamond 101 (and beyond)” on Thursday, June 1 from 5:00-5:45 pm in room 101, Expo Level I, and “Lab Grown Diamond Updates” on Saturday, June 3, from 10:00-10:45 am, Expo Level II Showcase Stage. JCK participants may also attend IGI happy hour at 4:00pm daily, design lounge booth #12037, to learn the latest developments in the diamond, jewelry, and gemstone industry.



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