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The Plumb Club’s October Podcasts Focus on a Top Retail Category – Diamonds

The podcasts for October focus on diamonds and providing retailers with two new ways of viewing a primary inventory grouping.




The Plumb Club’s October Podcasts Focus on a Top Retail Category – Diamonds

(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK – As the industry heads into its top selling season, The Plumb Club Podcasts for October focus on diamonds and providing retailers with two new ways of viewing a primary inventory grouping. From how to effectively manage diamond jewelry inventory for profitability, to providing sales associates with the knowledge and language on how to talk about diamond inclusions with customers in order to grow sales, both of the October podcasts are bursting with valuable insights and immediately actionable tips to help maximize the category.

Applying the 80-20 Rule to Managing Diamond Jewelry Inventory
Applying the classic 80-20 rule can help a retailer maximize the benefits from their diamond inventory. Sam Sandberg talks about the challenges facing retail profitability and cash flow. He defines what the 80-20 rule is, explains how it works, how it has evolved and illustrates how a retailer should apply the rule to the management of their diamond category. Sam Sandberg is chairman of the A.Jaffe Co, a Plumb Club Member, with over 30 years of experience as a principal of the company.

Diamond Inclusions: Nature’s Storyteller
Much like beauty in humans, the beauty of a natural diamond can often be seen in the elements that are not “perfect”, but in the slight imperfections that make them unique. But in diamonds it’s even more revealing. These elements tell the story of each diamond’s journey from formation to the surface of the earth, and can be a powerful part of a sales conversation. Alethea Inns, chief learning officer for Gemological Science International, takes the listener on the fascinating journey of a diamond, likening it to the customers own journey and pointing out the beauty of uniqueness.

The Plumb Club podcasts, which are added monthly, provide strategies, knowledge and actionable tips from industry leaders, that help retailers across a variety of business areas. The newest podcasts, as well as previous ones, are available in the “Listen” area at the Jewelers Resource Center or on The Plumb Club website under “Resources”.

About The Plumb Club

This year, The Plumb Club proudly celebrates 40 years of educating and innovating within the jewelry category, and creating productive connections between jewelry retailers and our world-class manufacturing members. Founded in 1983 by a small group of distinguished manufacturers as a social club, The Plumb Club has evolved into one of the jewelry industry’s leading supplier organizations. Today, The Plumb Club is a unique coalition of leading, responsible and important suppliers spanning all facets of the jewelry, diamond and watch industries. The purpose of the organization is to connect its members and their customers and help shape the future of the jewelry industry. The Plumb Club’s membership accounts for a significant percentage of the domestic fine jewelry market.




When There’s No Succession Plan, Call Wilkerson

Bob Wesley, owner of Robert C. Wesley Jewelers in Scottsdale, Ariz., was a third-generation jeweler. When it was time to enjoy life on the other side of the counter, he weighed his options. His lease was nearing renewal time and with no succession plan, he decided it was time to call Wilkerson. There was plenty of inventory to sell and at first, says Wesley, he thought he might try to manage a sale himself. But he’s glad he didn’t. “There’s no way I could have done this as well as Wilkerson,” he says. Wilkerson took responsibility for the entire event, with every detail — from advertising to accounting — done, dusted and managed by the Wilkerson team. “It’s the complete package,” he says of the Wilkerson method of helping jewelers to easily go on to the next phase of their lives. “There’s no way any retailer can duplicate what they’ve done.”

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