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True Tales

The Tale of the Last-Minute Grinch

Spoiler alert: Story has a happy ending for Mrs. Grinch and the jeweler.




The Tale of the Last-Minute Grinch

Three days before Christmas after a busy sales day, the store was empty and it was half an hour before closing. All of a sudden, the door opens and a grumpy older man comes in and shouts, “What do you have for $30?” Then he says his friend told him that he should come and see our unique store and buy a piece of jewelry for his wife. We were startled at his shouting and most of our mouths were open, but we proceeded to show him our sterling silver charms. He then said in a grumpy voice, “She does not have a charm bracelet.” So, we suggested he get her a gift certificate and then she could decide what she wanted. He loved that idea, and so we wrapped it so it could be opened on Christmas morning. He was a very happy man when he left. Part two is when she came in the store about two weeks after Christmas and ended up spending $350 with that $30 gift certificate. We have never seen him again since. — Tim Wright, Simply Unique Jewelry Designs, Yorktown, VA

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