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Which Shipping Service Is Best? The Brain Squad Sounds Off

Every service seems to have its proponents and detractors.





Which shipping service(s) do you use, and how do you feel about it?
  • FedEx. We need to look at other carriers that have higher insurance limits. — Amber G., Katy, TX
  • The Zing platform has worked well. It’s all just shocking how much it has all gone up. — Chris H., Ephrata, WA
  • Shipping is a HUGE amount of money. We use Parcel Pro and found JM was not cheaper. — Alta F., Turlock, CA
  • Brinks or FedEx. Service and routes have shrunk. — Jim C., Modesto, CA
  • Parcel Pro UPS and FedEx. Get to know your delivery drivers and get their cell phone numbers; they will look after you if you take care of them. Snacks, waters, etc. — Josh P., Wilmington, NC
  • FedEx is No. 1 for us due to the reliability. — Alex W., Torrance, CA
  • Malca-Amit, which we like, and Parcel Pro, about which our biggest complaint would be the waste involved in double-boxing everything. But we do like the fact that our precious baubles are shipped in a box that screams, “I’M A BORING PILE OF LEGAL DOCUMENTS AND AM MOST CERTAINLY NOT A PRECIOUS BAUBLE!” — Gretchen S., Sherman Oaks, CA
  • Have you heard that FedEx and UPS are merging? The new company will be called FedUP. OK corny, but so true. I use FedEx and they are the best of the worst. I spend at least an hour a week on accounting issues and never get an accounting person to respond. — David B., Calgary, AB
  • IFS Inforsure. It’s a great company. Easy to use. Competitive pricing. — Elizabeth S., San Diego, CA
  • FedEx almost daily, very happy. Malca-Amit for high value items, beyond happy! — Steven D., Lakewood, FL
  • We ship through Jewelers Mutual and it works for us. — Sue P., Excanaba, MI
  • Depends on what is shipping and where it’s going. Big-ticket items go through JM/Zing. — Susan K., Lewisburg, PA
  • UPS. It’s not good, but it’s better than FedEx. — Patty W., Sugar Land, TX
  • We had a big loss with USPS. Jewelers Mutual covered it. But we’re back with FedEx. — Doug S., Hartford, WI
  • Zing from Jewelers Mutual. It’s great because you can use FedEx and UPS and it saves you a little on insurance. Costs are insane these days. — Michael K., Yardley, PA
  • We use Jewelers Mutual’s Zing platform to make sure we have insurance coverage and USUALLY use USPS because it is the most affordable. However, we have some clients/vendors who have told us that it is unreliable in their area, so we usually choose UPS or FedEx as a backup, but they are 50%-200% more expensive. — Casey G., Orleans, MA
  • U.S. Mail. It sucks. — Peter T., Show Low, AZ
  • UPS. Generally quite reliable. — Georgie G., Palo Alto, CA
  • USPS. It’s been good for me. I had problems with UPS before. FedEx is more expensive. — Dale R., Loveland, OH
  • For outgoing packages, FedEx and Pirate Ship. Both have been consistently good. — Joe B., Harrisburg, IL

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