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David Geller

5 Spiffs That Will Make Selling Fun in Your Store




Friendly competition can excite your sales team and increase profits

Americans love competition. Sales games and contests in a jewelry store can spark excitement among your staff and thus increase sales.

Sometimes, the only difference between a good salesperson and a terrific one is their level of excitement. The client can sense this and will become even more excited about buying their new piece of jewelry from your store. Here are some contest ideas that are fun and encourage friendly competition among your sales staff.

1. Pass The Buck. Tack a $20 bill to the bulletin board. The first person to make a sale that day gets the $20 bill. The next person who makes a bigger sale takes the $20 from the previous person and holds onto it. The person with the biggest sale at the end of the day gets to keep the $20!

2. A Buck A Try On. Your job is to get your goods out of the “vault” and onto the customer’s fingers, neck and arms without them asking. Here’s the plan: Every time a salesperson gets the customer to try on a piece of jewelry, the staff member gets $1.00. Not right then and there; at the end of the day. For each additional piece the customer tries on, the salesperson gets another buck. It doesn’t matter if they buy it; they just have to try it on.

“Would you like to see a matching bracelet that would look great with this ring?” If it gets on the lady’s arm, bingo — another buck!

3. Balloon Pop. Set out specific goals for a weekend or week. It could be:

  • Sell a watch
  • Sell a red dot (old) item
  • Any repair over $50
  • Any sales over $1000

Make a list of prizes that you’ll give away if the objectives are achieved. It can range from monetary rewards to dinner, a movie, a day off, food, appliance, etc. Write each one on small pieces of paper, fold them and insert in balloons and blow them up. Tape them to a board and when a sales associate achieves a goal, let them pop a balloon and get their prize. The popping sound itself drives excitement! 

4. Jewelry Store Poker. Buy a deck of cards. On paper, make a list of aged items in the store you want to move with short description and SKU number; vary the merchandise by prices. Cut up the paper and tape or glue each description onto playing cards. Place all cards with descriptions face down on a table and let each staff member choose a set number of cards.

As each salesperson sells their items, they turn in their cards and they are tacked to a board with their name on the cards. The person who turns all of their cards in gets a fantastic prize, which we hope is everyone. If the contest ends and no one has sold all their items, give a smaller prize to the person who sells most of their cards. This contest can run over a week.

5. Bag of Goodies. Type up a list of sales goals you want your staff to achieve (see above for examples). Buy 20 to 40 prizes. Gift wrap them in boxes and put all items in one great big bag.

As each salesperson achieves a goal, hold the bag open and let them pull out a prize and open it. To get the chance for another prize, they have to achieve another sales goal. 

David Geller is a consultant to jewelers on store management. Email him at


This article originally appeared in the March 2017 edition of INSTORE.




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