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5 Word Tricks That Will Help You Close More Jewelry Sales

Even small words can have a big impact.




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SMALL WORDS CAN have a big impact. Even slight changes in wording make a big difference.

A roofing company ran an ad that said they “fix roofs.” But they got no response. So they changed the ad to read “we repair roofs,” and sales went up 20 percent. Why? Because “fix” denotes big problems that are costly, whereas “repair” denotes minor problems that cost less. Here are more words that will help you convey value, quality, and sell more jewelry!


Don’t say “the cost of this ring is $3,000.” “Cost” is associated with a loss of resources. Say “You can purchase this ring for $3,000,” because purchase sounds like you are acquiring or gaining. Or say “the value of this ring is …” Everyone likes value.


The word reserve is very powerful. It makes people feel important. Try using it!

“Your favorite jeweler is back from the world’s largest jewelry show. Would you like me to reserve my best pieces for you?” Or “Reserve a time for you to come see them?”



How do you tell if a customer is serious? Use the word “only.” I learned this from a financial advisor. In her signature line, she says, “I only work with families who are serious about gaining considerable wealth.” The same advisor sent an email one day saying, “I only deal with cool people.” This leads customers to stop and think: Am I serious? Am I cool? It makes them interested and focused. Why not try something like, “I’d love to help you with your diamond request, but just so you know, I only deal with serious customers looking to buy within one month” or “I only deal with serious diamond inquiries. Are you ready to buy?”


Here are word tricks that will help customers feel more comfortable when they come into your store. When a customer comes in, say, “Thank you for choosing Sam’s Jewelers.” When you say “choose,” it reinforces that they chose you and declares to them that they are your customer.

“Your ring is here. Now let’s go find it.” I love this line from sales teacher/genius Adam Fried. It tells customers they will not need to go to any other store and that you are willing to do what it takes to find them what they want.

“Let’s go shopping.” Women love shopping. Just saying the word “shopping” will get their attention. Plus, it makes you sound fun. Help the customer have more fun, and you will make the sale.


David from David’s Jewelers in Alabama has a great sales tip. Put the ring on the client’s finger in the first minute of conversation. As you talk about the diamond, start referring to the diamond as “your diamond,” and soon in the customer’s mind it will be. It might sound like this: “You will enjoy your ring for generations. Look how your ring sparkles!”


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