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Ben Bridge Becomes a Breakout Star in Metaverse Fashion Week 2.0 and Beats All Other Leading Brands

“Ben Bridge Jeweler has always been at the forefront of retail and creating unique experiences for our clients.”




Ben Bridge storefront in Decentraland
Ben Bridge storefront in Decentraland

(PRESS RELEASE) SEATTLE, WA — At the second year of the Metaverse Fashion Week, Ben Bridge Jeweler certainly made waves, with their first-ever virtual store in Decentraland from March 28-31, 2023. The Metaverse provides Ben Bridge with a unique opportunity to connect with an entirely new audience, combining innovation with generations of tradition and expertise, the result of over 110 years in the luxury jewelry business. As a testament to this, Ben Bridge had incredible success by taking the lead in total time spent in Decentraland’s Luxury District over internationally renowned brands such as DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, Coach and adidas. Ben Bridge engaged users with quests, challenges, and treasure hunts, with prizes in the form of exclusive Ben Bridge inspired wearables.

According to Vogue Business, “Measuring the success of metaverse events is not just a question of sales or impressions. Often, brands value the time spent, which can be far more than the time spent on websites or social media posts. Brands who led on total time spent in their Decentraland spaces included jeweler Ben Bridge (47,695 minutes), as well as Adidas (32,989 minutes), Tommy Hilfiger (37,852), DKNY (42,721) and Coach (31,194 ).”

Ben Bridge Becomes a Breakout Star in Metaverse Fashion Week 2.0 and Beats All Other Leading Brands

Users were guided by non player characters, including the iconic Ben Bridge Heritage Clock and a Personal Jeweler, loosely modeled on President & CEO Lisa Bridge. The quests directed users to explore, learn and collect items around the store. Once tasks were completed, users received rewards inspired by various Ben Bridge collections, including their Ben Bridge Exclusive Toscano Gold collection and their responsibly sourced Ikuma Canadian diamonds.

As reported by Decrypt, the third-party metaverse analytics firm GEEIQ noted that the average Ben Bridge MFW visitor spent 14 minutes engaging with the company’s virtual store. This is a near unheard-of statistic in the world of online advertising, where social media-originated brand impressions often clock in around three seconds.

“Those sorts of captivating, gamified engagements with consumers will become increasingly critical as advertisers come to see the value of immersive technology over existing modes of generating online engagement,” says Charles Hambro, co-founder & CEO of GEEIQ. “Brands now want to have a deeper, more enriched experience with their consumers. A three-second impression is not a deep and enriched experience.”

Ben Bridge Clock in Decentraland greeting clients

Ben Bridge Clock in Decentraland greeting clients

Vogue Business refers to Ben Bridge as “a breakout success story that drove engagement time by borrowing from a Roblox-style playbook. Ben Bridge challenged visitors to find five watches, complete a quiz using information found in the experience and find two diamond rings, with each quest being rewarded with a digital wearable.”

On each day of the Metaverse Fashion Week, users were able to claim these Ben Bridge originals:

  • Day 1 (March 28) – Ben Bridge Signature Diamond Glasses
  • Day 2 (March 29) – Ikuma Canadian Diamond Tiara
  • Day 3 (March 30)– Ben Bridge branded T-Shirt
  • Day 4 (March 31) – Iconic Ben Bridge Heritage Clock outfit that includes clock head which can be worn with other items.

Users were also able to participate in the Quests and Quizzes for the following rewards:

  • Quest 1 – Treasure Hunt1 – Collect the 5 clocks.
    • Rewards: Iconic Ben Bridge Heritage Clock outfit that includes clock head which can be worn with other items.
  • Quest 2 – Quiz1 – Quiz based upon the Ben Bridge History Wall.
    • Rewards: Black Cocktail Dress with Toscano Gold Chains
  • Quest 3 – Treasure Hunt2 – Collect the two diamond rings.
    • Rewards: Ikuma diamond Studded suit
  • Quest 4 Quiz2 – Quiz based on our Toscano Gold Collection crafting video.
    • Rewards: Ikuma Canadian Dimaond Necklace
Lisa Bridge Avatar in Decentraland assisting guests

Lisa Bridge Avatar in Decentraland assisting guests

Since their beginning in 1912, Ben Bridge has remained committed to personal service, community initiatives, and nurturing the next generation of designers. With the virtual marketplace expanding rapidly, entering the metaverse is a contemporary example of the family run jewelers’ dedication to evolving with the times, providing new opportunities for the next generation of designers to interact with the brand and gain insight on their tenacity and timeless goal of being your Personal Jeweler, celebrating your special moments in both your “real” life and virtual one.


“Ben Bridge Jeweler has always been at the forefront of retail and creating unique experiences for our clients,” says Lisa Bridge, president & CEO of Ben Bridge. “The Metaverse is the future and we wanted to be one of the first to enter this world and create a virtual storefront as well as unique wearables. Whether we serve you in our retail stores, on our website or in the metaverse, we are still committed to being your personal jeweler.”

About Ben Bridge Jeweler

For over a hundred and ten years, Ben Bridge Jeweler has had a singular mission: to be your Personal Jeweler and help you celebrate your special moments. With a commitment to quality jewelry, the highest values, and exceptional personal service, we have brough a lasting sparkle to those days you want to remember forever – from engagements, to anniversaries, births to birthdays, promotions to “just because” moments of self-celebration, and more. We care deeply about sustainability and protecting both the people and the environment in every stage of the supply chain. We strive to maintain the highest ethical and quality standards in the industry, including partnering with respected vendors and manufacturers that adhere to our stringent guidelines for quality control and responsible sourcing. It is our honor and our privilege to be a part of your special moments and your milestones and are here to serve as your personal jeweler in our many retail locations or online here #yourpersonaljeweler



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