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FANA Jewelry Unveils Bold Rebranding Campaign to Support Retail Network

This strategic initiative aims to redefine FANA’s position in the market and continue to support its significant independent retailer network.




FANA Jewelry Unveils Bold Rebranding Campaign to Support Retail Network

(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — FANA Jewelry has embarked on a new chapter for the brand with a comprehensive rebranding campaign. This strategic initiative aims to redefine FANA’s position in the market and continue to support its significant independent retailer network. Central to this transformation is the development of a compelling brand identity and messaging platform that captures the essence of FANA’s unique offerings. By successfully achieving this goal, FANA intends to generate increased footfall and engagement for its retail partners, maximizing their potential business opportunities.

FANA partnered with LA based agency Rainbow Lobster on the new campaign. Together with FANA, they created a campaign that challenges the conventions of bridal advertising. The FANA campaign breaks new ground, revolutionizing the way love and relationships are portrayed. The campaign showcases real, inclusive, and emotional lifestyle imagery that evokes a sense of sophistication, romance and aspiration while remaining relatable. It celebrates genuine love – not a fantasy or unattainable ideal, but a love that is both beautiful and joyful, yet grounded in reality. It embraces the complexities and triumphs of modern relationships, placing a strong emphasis on partnership, togetherness, and equality. At the heart of this approach lies the core message (and tagline) “We Do.”

This rebranding endeavor demonstrates FANA jewelry’s dedication to empower its retailers. “We are thrilled about the launch of our new campaign to revitalize the brand presence within our retail network and drive traffic through the door,” says Bobby Jain, owner/CEO of FANA. “This is an incredibly exciting moment for the brand, and we are eager to expand and grow FANA further. It has been a long-awaited goal, and we are delighted to see our vision finally come to fruition and further support our independent retail partners.”

Launched this summer, the “We Do” campaign represents a significant investment for FANA with over $5 million media budget. The new FANA campaign will run in a variety of platforms incuding digital, social media, print, out of home and local broadcast. In addition, FANA will run for the first time in national fashion, travel and lifestyle publications. Furthermore, FANA’s retail partners will provide support through a co-op advertising program in local markets.

About FANA

Known for their iconic engagement rings, Fana is a fourth-generation American Jewelry brand tracing their ancestry back to the famous Johri Bazaar, the jewelry center of Jaipur.

With a commitment to quality and craftsmanship that exceeds industry standards, the family behind Fana has a long history of creating elegant jewelry for customers to commemorate their most important celebrations. Each piece of Fana jewelry is handcrafted by their master jewelers in their own workshops using a series of techniques uniquely developed to maximize brilliance and sparkle. The finishing touch is a small sapphire discreetly set inside the piece nodding to a bride’s “something blue” for her wedding day and forever after.


Fana is committed to keeping their work environmentally sustainable and reducing their environmental footprint. They constantly audit sourcing and production processes, keeping the brand’s ethos of quality and kindness at the foundation of all they do.



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