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Shane Decker

Here’s Why a Professional Greeting Can Change Your Sales Success Rate

Be sure you’re ready to greet each client when they walk in.




LAST CHRISTMAS, I was shopping for a high-end handbag for my wife. I walked into the store and there were two young ladies standing close to the front of the store looking busy (so they didn’t actually have to be busy). I had on cowboy boots, jeans and a western jacket. They looked at me, then at each other, then at me again, then at each other, with a look of “Are you gonna get this?” I looked at them and said, “Since neither of you want to help me, I’ll help myself.”

Pre-judging is a huge sales killer, especially in luxury. I found the handbag I wanted, and when one of the young salespeople saw me at the cash register, she hurried over to take my money. I asked if she worked on commission, and she said yes. She certainly didn’t earn it on that sale.

How many times have you been shopping and had “the look” given to you when you walked in, like I did while shopping for that handbag?

Your greeting should be professional, with a smile on your face and ready to take care of your client’s need. Whether it’s a purchase, repair or service, they’re all coming in to give you money.

Always keep the sweet spot covered (it’s 10-15 feet on the client’s right as they walk in). If you’re in the back and come out when you hear the door, that’s too late. You greet someone at the front door of your home; do the same at work.

Never greet from behind a showcase, and don’t greet from behind the point-of-sale station. If you’re huddling together laughing when they come in, they will think you’re laughing at them. On the other hand, a professional greeting makes them feel important, gets their guard down and opens up conversations sooner.


The millennial client is currently responsible for 70% of all bridal purchases. One of the No. 1 reasons they shop the internet is because they feel pre-judged walking into jewelry stores. Be friendly, be in the sweet spot, and they’ll buy from you. They send in more referrals than any other age group.

Always introduce yourself and let them know they’ll have a professional luxury experience. When a client comes in, do not be on your phone! Phones can be a big distraction and a sales killer.

If a client has never been in before and you get their name, repeat it to yourself mentally. It’s important you remember something that’s important to them.

Your greeting changes the presentation from the start. Make sure it’s done professionally.



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