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Judge the Jewels: Demi Lovato’s $200K Engagement Ring Defies Current Trends

Her fiancé, Jordan Lutes, worked with NYC boutique Material Good to design the ring.




The sighting: Singer Demi Lovato is engaged! The artist revealed her engagement to boyfriend Jordan Lutes through a photoshoot with People Magazine. The photos are on Instagram now and we must discuss the ring.

The jewels: Lovato’s engagement ring is a large pear-shaped diamond on a gold band. The finger coverage is utterly perfect, with the edges of the pear’s curved bottom neatly covering the width of Lovato’s ring finger.

Lovato’s fiancé, Jordan Lutes, worked with NYC boutique Material Good to design the bespoke ring.

According to Zack Stone, diamond expert from UK retailer Steven Stone, the diamond in Lovato’s engagement ring appears to be around 5 carats and is likely worth $200,000.

The trends: This ring defies the current number one trend for celebrity engagement rings by not being an oval diamond!

It’s still a solitaire, but it has a thicker band than many celebrity engagement rings we’ve seen lately (pause for all the bench jewelers to sigh in relief) and it’s still a fancy diamond cut with an elongated shape and curved lines, but a pear is definitely not an oval and I love to see it.

Could pear shapes be the next big thing in bridal? It’s too soon to call this a trend, but it would be a logical leap from oval to pear.

What do we think? I absolutely love this ring. I didn’t realize I was quite so tired of the endless parade of celebrity oval engagement rings, but it makes me very happy to see something different.

I mentioned this above, but I also find this pear diamond to be the ideal size and shape for Lovato’s finger – bigger would be unwieldy, but this is just perfect. In my humble opinion, solitaires are most exciting when they feature an interesting diamond, and this pretty pear gets the job done quite nicely.

Judgement: 16/10 for something different.

What do YOU think?


Becky Stone writes about jewelry styles for INSTORE. She is founder and CEO of well-known jewelry blog Diamonds in the Library.



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