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Judge the Jewels: Young Starlets Love These Celestial Punk Pearl Earrings

This piece from Outhouse Jewellery creates a fun and powerful style.




The sighting: Both Olivia Rodrigo and Joey King chose the same pair of Outhouse Jewellery earrings for recent events! Let’s take a look.

The jewels: The jewel in question is Outhouse Jewellery’s Celeste Nova Earring. The design features a star-like surmount embellished with crystals and suspending a pearl adorned with the brand’s logo in silver above a loop of shimmering crystal. The earrings feature silver plating with gold and retails on the brand’s website for $188.

Singer Olivia Rodrigo wore the earrings to the MTV Awards while Joey King wore them to The Princess movie’s premiere. Both ladies skipped necklaces and wore multiple rings. Joey King also carried a sword, which isn’t jewelry, but deserves to be mentioned.


The trends: These earrings are a perfect example of the kind of irreverent, outside-the-box pearl design that’s so hot right now. They take the classic pearl stud and turn it on its head, adding bold spikes and sexy dangling crystals to this sometimes demure material. The star-like stud is a trend on its own, emblematic of celestial motifs’ current popularity.

Another interesting point: this isn’t the first time Olivia Rodrigo has worn demi-fine jewelry to a major event. Her success means she could have diamonds if she wanted them, so it’s clearly a case of choosing style over materials. A low-key approach to red carpet jewels that feels emblematic of Rodrigo’s unapologetic persona and the powerful cultural moment she represents.

What do we think?A fun and powerful style perfect for these bright young things on their big nights! I love how both ladies paired the earrings with severely cut black bodices; it enhances the powerful space princess vibe that these earrings evoke. Despite the similarities of these outfits, the two stars do not share a stylist.

Judgement: 14/10 for punk pearl perfection

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