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Julie Lamb Stands Out From the Herd




Jewelry designer Julie Lamb

Julie Lamb of Westchester, NY, started designing jewelry at such a young age, she can’t remember not making jewelry.

“I liked collecting the beads and sorting them and keeping them in my trays. And I loved the instant gratification of making something with my hands and wearing it right away.”

After graduating with a bachelor of fine arts degree in metalsmithing from Syracuse University, she traveled the world while working as a designer for companies of all sizes, and in the process learned the practical side of things. In 2014, she decided it was time to go into business for herself.

The Julie Lamb brand stands for individuality and encourages the wearer with the tongue-in-cheek play on the designer’s name: “Stand Out, Be Herd and Be Ewe.”

Token necklace from Julie Lamb


From the City collection, NYC Make It There Token necklace in 18K yellow gold and diamonds, $4,250.

Charm ring from Julie Lamb

From the Metropolis collection, Super Polished Charm Ring in 18K yellow gold with semi-precious stones, $1,725.

Manhole cufflinks from Julie Lamb

From the City collection, Manhole cufflinks in 18K yellow gold and sterling silver with diamonds, $1,500.


Q&A With Julie Lamb

What’s your latest collection?

Elements. You can’t wear lambs and superheroes all the time! I wanted to stack in other Elements to layer with my motif-driven collections, so you can be dressed head to toe by me.

What inspires you?

The City Collections pay homage to New York, which really made an impression on me when I was growing up  in the ‘90s. When I was making jewelry in high school out of anything, I would comb the Garment District and Canal Street and find nuts and bolts and keys. I was going to the School of Art & Design in Midtown Manhattan, commuting from Brooklyn starting in the ninth grade. The city became my playground. 

Your favorite metal?

I really love 18K yellow gold. I do a lot of silver in the line because I wanted a democratic pricing structure. I like rose gold in 14K because it’s pinker than in 18K. And I like yellow in 18K because it’s sunnier.

Why is your jewelry made in New York?

There are a few things about New York that I have always been in awe of, one of them being that in all of those buildings in the Diamond District, you can find these tiny shops and so much talent. My name is on the line, so I want to be involved as much as possible.

What’s next?

The Class Ring collection, classic signet rings with heavy engraveable tops for an initial. Vintage collectors seem to gravitate toward the manholes and tokens and now these, too.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you.

I can make almost any animal sound. Also, no one believes I can cook. Cooking is more creative than baking. With baking, you have to follow directions.  I don’t like to follow directions.


This article originally appeared in the July 2017 edition of INSTORE.



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