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Karina Brez Introduces Crystal Pendants to the Cowgirl LUV Collection

Embrace cowgirl energy with Karina Brez crystal pendants, available in three new styles.




Karina Brez Introduces Crystal Pendants to the Cowgirl LUV Collection

(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — Karina Brez, celebrated equestrian jeweler, unveils the latest additions to her beloved Cowgirl LUV collection. Embracing the spirit of modern cowgirl style, new crystal pendants redefine allure. Since its inception, Cowgirl LUV symbolized the rugged beauty of the West. In its inaugural debut, it featured rings celebrating America’s majestic mountains like Denali and Sierra, and hoop earrings honoring cities with unparalleled style, such as Dallas. Cowgirl LUV by Karina Brez is synonymous with resilience. Building upon the success of the debut collection, Karina is adding a mesmerizing range of crystal pendants to the line—Faith, Destiny, and Chance— a testament to exquisite craftsmanship.

The Cowgirl is a symbol of grit, tenacity, resilience, and courage. Equestrian fine jeweler, Karina Brez, crafts pendants that channels today’s Cowgirl spirit, encapsulating the guiding principles of Faith, Chance, and Destiny—allowing all walks of life to embrace the Western lifestyle.

“Being a Cowgirl defies rigid definitions; there’s no singular mold or prescribed uniform. There’s no blueprint or designated job title. The authority to define what it means to embody the Cowgirl spirit lies solely with each one of us,” emphasizes Karina Brez. “I urge everyone to embrace this lifestyle on their own terms.”

The necklaces, named “Faith,” “Chance,” and “Destiny,” each symbolize a different aspect of the future. “Faith” represents unwavering belief, serving as a beacon of hope and trust. “Chance” embodies the serendipitous moments and opportunities that align with aspirations, reminding one to remain open to unexpected paths. “Destiny” signifies the culmination of efforts, the fulfillment of true purpose, and the realization of one’s purpose. A double entendre, the necklace names transcend mere labels; they are embodiments of the Cowgirl ethos—a reminder of courage and determination.

Each distinctive, the Faith, Change and Destiny pendants are available in three luxurious golds options: 18K yellow, 18K rose, and 18K white gold. Styles are available with either a quartz or rainbow moonstone crystal, and each features turquoise. Like the modern cowgirl that inspires them, the pendants are meant to inspire the wearer to live a confident and adventurous life.

Brez says, “In my own life, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of faith, chance, and destiny, turning dreams into reality and aspirations into unforgettable experiences. I encourage the pursuit of wearing your guiding gem. Unlock the limitless possibilities that await you.”


For more information about the Cowgirl LUV collection and to explore the full range of Karina Brez’s equestrian designs, visit On Instagram, follow Karina Brez @karinabrezjewelry and The Jeweled Barn @thejeweledbarn. For sales or retail partnership inquiries, contact Karina Brez at 561-400-4085 or email or






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