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Lab-Grown Diamonds, Custom Design Still Hot in June, According to Brain Squad

Some readers also reported mined diamonds were growing in popularity again.




Lab-Grown Diamonds, Custom Design Still Hot in June, According to Brain Squad
Gabriel & Co. east-west semi-mount ring in 14K gold for a 1.5-carat oval diamond, $1,050 (center stone not included),

Gabriel & Co. led the pack in June! — Jon W., Virginia Beach, VA

Top-selling jewelry brands in June

Quality Gold (4), Carla Corporation (3), Fana (3), Gabriel & Co. (3), A. Ja e (2), Allison-Kaufman (2), Heera Moti (2), Lashbrook (2), Rolex (2), Simon G. (2), Sylvie (2)

*Brands mentioned by at least two of 112 respondents.

  • Carla, Royal Chain and Frederic Duclos, good price points for grad gifts. Fana engagement rings are new to our store and doing well. Simon G. and Zeghani still strong. Imperial Pearl for pearls. Custom still strong. Lashbrook for men’s bands. — Barb B., Brighton, MI
  • Best sellers were not typical recently, as we sold a lot of unusual pieces, custom designs, fantasy carved gems, and a few aged pieces, of which we celebrated their departure. — Katrina S., Racine, WI
  • Custom in-house high-end one-of-a-kinds were our savior! — Steven D., Lakewood, FL
  • Custom from Overnight Mountings, loose natural diamonds from IDD, bigger pieces from Heera Moti. — W.J. S., Franklin, VA
  • I have been selling a lot of tanzanites and different colored sapphires from Scott Spurling. Thanks Scott! — Tommy T., Perry Hall, MD
  • Adwar Bridal is always great, as were our own custom designs! — Gary Y., Ames, IA
  • 62% of our business was custom, 19% repair, and the rest showcase sales. Allison-Kaufman remains our best-selling brand. The high-quality standards they adhere to for both diamond and gemstone quality makes their items pop in the case. — Joe K., Milford, OH
  • Large lab-grown diamonds in custom settings. Custom sells well because everyone wants something special. — Laura S., Indianapolis, IN
  • Lab-grown engagement rings. They look fabulous for a fraction of the cost. Clients want the look for less. — Traci H., Harrisonburg, VA
  • S. Kashi bridal was hot in June. — Deb L., Appleton, WI
  • It was a Rolex month. — Steven G., Bellevue, WA
  • Lab-grown diamonds and diamond engagement rings were our best-selling products in June. Fana engagement rings sell very well in our store because the customization process is easy for our sales associates, and the quality is remarkable. — Beth G., Binghamton, NY

Monthly SALES Survey

How Were Sales Last Month Compared to June 2022?

WAY UP 25% OR MORE: 13%
UP: 27%
SAME: 29%
DOWN: 28%

Total Brain Squad Responses: 161

  • A. Jaffe, Sandberg & Sikorski, Sylvie, Benchmark. — Nate A., Santa Rosa, CA
  • Natural diamonds. Nancy B. and Carla Corporation have great everyday designs, amazing customer service and easily sell. Leslie’s chains because we believe in their excellent quality and love their lifetime warranty. — Caitlyn W., Brattleboro, VT
  • Natural diamonds making a huge comeback in our store. — Michael K., Yardley, PA
  • Silver jewelry has picked back up. Platinum Born has done well for us as everyday pieces. Starter pearl necklaces, specifically pearls on yellow gold chains as station necklaces or add a pearl styles, which also sold well for graduation gifts. — Rebecca L., Ketchum, ID
  • LeStage Cape Cod and Evening Tide continued to be popular. They are great price points, and beach-inspired designs are perfect for summer. — Becky B., Peabody, MA

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