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One-Third of Surveyed Jewelers Say They Have a Private Area for Diamond Presentations

do you or don't you: Opinions on such areas are mixed.





Do you have a private area for diamond presentations?

Yes: 36%

  • Clients have an expectation of IMPORTANCE. When we built our private showrooms in 1991, it was a game-changer. Continue to utilize for selling and buying. — Eileen E., Decatur, IN
  • People like privacy when spending larger amounts of money, plus it’s great for younger guys that we can teach more about why QUALITY costs more but is better in the long run. — W.J. S., Franklin, VA
  • It works well by allowing customers to ask questions without concern of what other customers hear. It lowers the inhibitions of customers. It helps establish a “personal touch” to the purchase and the store staff is devoting private time to the customer. The customer feels empowered and more knowledgeable because they can look at the diamond under a scope or viewer. — Gary R., Granger, IN
  • We have a private room available for showing, but clients and our team prefer to work on the sales floor. There is an energy and an excitement of looking at all the styles, having other excited people working in the floor and a comfort of not feeling separated and seated at the desk working. We’ve done it both ways, and most people prefer working at the cases. — Heather W., Des Plaines, IL
  • It’s not quite a private room tucked away, but we do have two tables for custom design where clients can sit down with the designer/salesperson and spend some time learning about the diamonds and their characteristics. People often say they were intimidated coming in, but that it was easier and more relaxed than they thought. They appreciate being able to take some time to make a decision rather than being sold to at a counter. — Joe K., Milford, OH
  • We have our diamond room in its own nook of our store … high ceilings with skylights and the interior look of a log cabin. It’s beautiful and the customers love it! — Mary Jo C., Rutland, VT
  • Privacy in a special office and one on one with refreshments always works well. — J. Dennis P., Johnstown, PA
  • We dedicated an area designated for this purpose when we built our store based on prior experience. The reality is that we didn’t use it and have since used the area for appraisal purposes. We sell diamonds everywhere in our store and close many sales outside on the sidewalk! — Jon W., Virginia Beach, VA
  • It performs exactly as planned; we take private clients there. Most clients do not know the area exists. — Steven B. ., Bellevue, WA
  • We have two private viewing rooms set up like small offices. They are right next to our diamond and engagement area of the showroom so that if the associate feels a private setting better suits their presentation or the client’s needs, they can move to that area. Each room has a desk and three chairs, and they are equipped with diamond lighting. Each room has a microscope as well as other tools needed for a diamond presentation. — Eric S., West Springfield, MA
  • Sort of, working on a better space for that. — Nicholas P., Dickson City, PA
  • It’s not made much of an impact. We even made the room smaller. — Kelly V., Geneva, IL

No: 64%

  • We have a semi-private area but I have never been a fan, nor have my customers when asked, of being led into a totally private room. — Gary Y., Ames, IA
  • For a long time we did, but we found out the hard way new diamond buyers fill like they will be pressured into buying if you take them somewhere more private. — Tim S., Mobile, AL
  • I think that would be great, there’s nothing worse than when a guy is looking at an expensive diamond and there’s a lady over your shoulder commenting and sticking their nose in trying to get a better view. Right now, our store is too small. — Niki N., Lyndhurst, OH
  • We used to have one, but customers seem not to like being separate and staff didn’t have easy access to the diamonds and rings. — Connie S., Friendswood, TX
  • It has not been necessary up till now. Most of our inventory is priced under $30,000. — Theresa P., Edgewater, CO
  • I would love to have a private viewing area. We will include an area when we design the new store. — Christopher S., Wexford, PA
  • The store is too small for a private area. — Frank S., Plantation, FL
  • I don’t have the floor space, otherwise I would. — Pamela R., Lauderdale by the Sea, FL
  • We don’t have a private room because it feels intimidating. We do, however, have a seated diamond viewing area away from the showcases. — Dianna R., Lafayette, LA
  • We work by appointment only. Therefore, our entire area is for private presentations. — Alex W., Torrance, CA
  • Small rural store with no extra space. — Stacey G., Edson, AB

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