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Social Media and Beyond:
Security in the Digital Age


t’s easy to take the information we have at our finger tips today for granted, isn’t it? Consider this:
20 years ago the internet was a luxury, 10 years ago social media was a fledgling creative outlet for bored young people, and phones with physical keyboards weren’t that far out of the norm even five years ago.

The most shocking part of all is that the difficulty of predicting the intersection of everyday life and technology continues to increase. However, if you’re a business owner, it’s critical that you step back and assess the digital landscape for the sake of your business’ security.

Implementing quality procedures to recognize casing behaviors of criminals at your business and practicing them often is important, but consider the fact that criminals can now do their casing by surfing the web. Just as you use a front window or central showcase to preview your most eye-catching products, you’re probably transferring this publicity to social media.

Ask yourself these questions before posting anything on social media:

  • Does the information indicate when our business is receiving a new line of merchandise?
  • Do our promotions of trunk shows or special events tell criminals about after-hours activities at our business that could present robbery opportunities?
  • Does the information give away too many specifics regarding our travel plans or transport of merchandise?
  • Does it reveal patterns regarding our staffing levels at particular times or on particular days?
  • Does the information help criminals identify members of our staff?

When in doubt, err on the side of caution. There are numerous schools of thought regarding a business’ success and safety on social media, but the results are relative. Restricting administrative access, monitoring the activity of your audience, interacting in a positive manner, and reporting any undesirable or suspicious activity will build a solid foundation for your business.

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