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Memorable Wedding Favor Boxes and More Stuff for Your Store for July





1 Wedding season is in
full swing and a schedule
crammed with festive
fall events isn’t far behind.
Sending guests home with a
little token of appreciation
is good form at any time of
year and the Stripes Galore
favor boxes from
Hortense B. Hewitt
are unisex,
elegant and always appropriate.
Stock up now to get a
jump on the holiday season.


PRICE: $11.45(package of 25)


2Updating the look of
your store or office is
hardly child’s play, but the
whimsical light fixtures
from Andrew Neyer make it
seem that way. The designer’s
Yoyo Light pendant
lamp resembles the children’s
toy, right down to the
cotton cord that attaches
to the ceiling. Available in
orange, white or black, it’s
a contemporary design for
the young at

PRICE: $350



3 Information — whether
it’s about a looming
anniversary or a favorite
wish list item — will convert
a one-time visitor into a
long-term customer. Software
system Client Book CRM stores and organizes
all those priceless details
and makes it easy to act on
them. The program permits
users to track leads, email
clients and create marketing
campaigns in one place.
To cultivate its own roster
of prospective clients Client
Book CRM offers a free,
30-day trial of the

PRICE: from $15/month


4 Sometimes the right
lighting is the only
thing that separates frameworthy
photos from the
ones that get deleted forever.
And it’s even more
critical for jewelry photography.
Canon EF-M
28mm f/3.5 Macro IS STM
lens wasn’t created specifically
for shooting gems but
it’s embedded with flashes
that help show them to
their best advantage by illuminating
close-up subjects,
improving color accuracy
and heightening an image’s
depth and dimension.


PRICE: $299.99


5Gifts presented in
little jewelry boxes
automatically attract rapt
attention. LED jewelry
boxes from Jewelry Pak are
extra entrancing. Their contents
are bathed in a bright
spotlight. When propped
open, they’ll shine a point of
light onto the jewels tucked
inside and make already
brilliant pieces sparkle with
more intensity. The clever
containers are available for
rings, bracelets, pendants

PRICE: from $5.00 each



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