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13 Holiday Marketing Examples That Simplify Gift Giving

Jewelry retailers find success in a wide range of media.



THE POPULARITY OF digital advertising hasn’t wiped out traditional options, which continue to deliver strong results in some markets. Store owners rely on a variety of strategies for holiday-season marketing, ranging from TV commercials, radio spots and billboards to social-media photos and videos of jewelry. Jewelry retailers find value in print publications as well, particularly in local magazines, where a consistent presence pays off when the target demographic is a fit.

Customers are looking for curation in the form of gift suggestions and ease of shopping, like videos that link to shopping opportunities on the website and information about store hours that make Christmas shopping seem convenient, even on Dec. 24. When curating a gift guide, select pieces that range from affordable to over the top, suggests Shayne McCoy, founder of Straight Up Social. Make sure it’s an omnichannel effort. Create a separate landing page to promote your gift guide or publish it to a blog post. Then share it with customers in an email newsletter.

13 Holiday Marketing Examples That Simplify Gift Giving

An Omnichannel Approach

The team at Houston’s Zadok Jewelers decorates both the interior and exterior of the store to create a festive environment and boost the holiday mood. It’s one touchpoint in the company’s 360-degree brand experience, which also includes a magazine, a digital and print gift guide and a bridal billboard. And because they display a video loop featuring holiday and party looks on seven LED panels facing Houston’s busy Post Oak Boulevard, the decorations take on a life of their own. In addition, an annual holiday gift guide is circulated to subscribers through a digital newsletter and used in local print publications. The in-house team chooses items based on what’s trendy and stylish in the market; customers love that the gift guide takes the guesswork out of holiday shopping. This year, the Zadok team has also created a bridal campaign billboard that promotes Zadok’s bridal boutique, a standout feature of their new store that opened in 2021.



The Murphy Bow

Murphy Jewelers’ signature “Murphy Bow” has become synonymous with the Murphy family business over the last few decades and is prominently featured in Christmas advertising, whether digital or direct mail. “It’s something our customers look for on special occasions, even telling their loved ones, ‘You better get me a Murphy Bow!’” says Mallory Murphy, who owns the business with her mom, Kim Murphy. “We often hear stories of families hiding it under the Christmas tree or inside a bag so as not to spoil a surprise.” Murphy Jewelers is based in Pottsville, PA.

13 Holiday Marketing Examples That Simplify Gift Giving

Gifts with Purchase

Zorells owner Tim Ell concentrates on radio, TV and video, then reinforce the message with billboards in his Bismarck, ND, market. This year, the focus is on o ering products that can’t be easily comparison shopped and that come with incentives including gifts with purchase and interest-free fi nancing. Ell purchased a large quantity of necklaces and earrings to be used as the “irresistible gifts with purchase” for customers who spend a certain amount. Ell says that while many of his competitors advertise by claiming to have the lowest price, he prefers to add extra value rather than engage in a “race to the bottom.”

13 Holiday Marketing Examples That Simplify Gift Giving

Having Fun with Instagram

Karen Hollis is the star of her unscripted Instagram video show for her Batavia, IL, K. Hollis Jewelers, whether she’s showing a few of her favorite holiday gifts, literally “spinning” into the holidays with dance moves or lying on the store fl oor petting her dog. She is her brand. And her brand is all about authenticity, spontaneity and fun. “What’s funny is people are calling the store and saying, ‘Do you still have that necklace you were wearing on Instagram on Tuesday?’ We had to start making a list of what I wore when because I couldn’t remember,” Hollis says. She has so much fun on social media that she’s put together a bloopers compilation of outtakes that she posts on April Fool’s Day

13 Holiday Marketing Examples That Simplify Gift Giving

The Voice of the Business

Marc Majors, owner of Samuel L. Majors Jewelers in Midland, TX, appears in his own TV commercials, a personal touch that resonates with the crowd looking to buy local and buy small. “Anybody can take video or pictures of product and make a generic commercial, but when you add the personal touch of being in your own commercial and talking about your business, then it seems more important,” he says. “I also voice my own radio spots, and people seem to gravitate toward that as well. I’ll be in the grocery store talking to the cashier and someone will tell me they recognize my voice.”


13 Holiday Marketing Examples That Simplify Gift Giving

Finding the Right Niche

Maejean Vintage is based in Lancaster, PA, and was founded over a decade ago as a global online business specializing in vintage and antique jewelry. But their showroom is open by appointment, so co-owner Laura Mae advertises in the local Fig Magazine as a way to connect with their local customer base. “It’s pretty much the only print advertising we routinely partake in,” she says. “The magazine is local and focuses on fascinating and inspiring stories, guides, and community. When deciding upon print advertising for our unconventional and niche business, the right fi t was especially important.” For this particular holiday ad, social media coordinator Heidi played model. “We decked her out in some of our most glamorous and sparkly pieces with a holiday inspired look!” Mae says.

13 Holiday Marketing Examples That Simplify Gift Giving

All About the Jewelry

Rick Nichols, owner of Nassau Jewelry Co. in Fernandina Beach, FL, has been advertising in the local Amelia Island magazine for seven years, and shoppers bring in the ads or mention they’ve seen them year-round. Readers tend to be over 40 and not active on social media, so it’s a good way for Nassau Jewelry to connect with what is a desirable demographic for them. Nichols doesn’t mention Christmas in his holiday-season ads because he doesn’t believe it’s necessary and he prefers simplicity. “People are aware it is Christmas,” he says. “In the end, it’s about the jewelry.”

Eileen McClelland is the Managing Editor of INSTORE. She believes that every jewelry store has the power of cool within them.



Celebrate Your Retirement with Wilkerson

For nearly three decades, Suzanne and Tom Arnold ran a successful business at Facets Fine Jewelry in Arlington, Va. But the time came when the Arnolds wanted to do some of the things you put off while you’ve got a business to run. “We decided it was time to retire,” says Suzanne, who claims the couple knew how to open a store, how to run a store but “didn’t know how to close a store.” So, they hired Wilkerson to do it for them. When she called, Suzanne says Wilkerson offered every option for the sale she could have hoped for. Better still, “the sale exceeded our financial goals like crazy,” she says. And customers came, not only to take advantage of the going-out-of-business buys and mark-downs, but to wish a bon voyage to the beloved proprietors of a neighborhood institution. “People were celebrating our retirement, and that was so special,” says says.

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