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Jewelry Retailers Make a Statement With Branded Boxes

Here’s how to make yours stand out.



EVERY JEWELRY STORE owner would like their signature packaging to be as iconic as the Tiffany blue box in that distinctive robin-egg shade.

Consultant Larry Johnson, a jewelry display expert who also works with Box Brokers, says while that kind of impact may seem out of reach, it’s smart to have goals. “Start with a beautiful box imprinted with your store name,” he says. “Add matching pouches and pearl folders and bags. Feature the box in ALL of your advertising media. That’s how Tiffany did it.

“Never give away a box, bag or pouch without your store name imprinted on it. A strong store brand needs to be sustained and enhanced every day.”

When thinking about packaging, says, luxury sales consultant Kathleen Cutler, consider how you might elevate the customer journey for your VIPs, who may be amassing many of your boxes. “Offering custom packaging for high-end pieces. Incorporating monograms for top clients and providing bespoke jewelry boxes can enhance exclusivity and make them feel recognized.”


Introduce luxurious materials such as velvet or linen in rich hues, Cutler says. Incorporate elegant finishes like embossing and foil stamping. Include a personalized thank-you note or certificate of authenticity to add a thoughtful touch. “This holistic approach ensures a sophisticated and memorable packaging experience for clients, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to excellence and the client experience,” she says.

Johnson suggests the following when ordering new packaging:

  • Consider the cost of your box an investment in a future sale, not an expense you just incurred for the piece you just sold. Boxes that contain significant pieces are more often kept than those for lesser value pieces, and your box is cheap repetitive advertising.
  • Use three different grades (price points) of packaging. Try a hinged cardboard box for sales under $500, a mid-priced box for sales from $501-$1,499 and a very nice box for sales over $1,500. Look at your computer reports to determine which sales level works for you. The odds are good that your overall packaging costs will go down.
  • Give thought to packaging solutions sold with separate box shells and merchandise inserts. With these, you simply insert the pad into the shell when you make a sale. You’ll rarely run out of boxes or have too many of a particular box type.
  • Set minimum box inventory on your store software system to alert you when your supply is running low. Your box supplier should be able to help set this up for you.
  • Ensure your boxes are free of sulfur dioxide-laden contents, which can tarnish jewelry very quickly.



Occasions Fine Jewelry in Midland, TX, has designed its logo to bleed off the deluxe sleeve. The sleeve is a modern way to package a box, compared to the traditional, two-piece outer carton. The sleeve and box are wrapped in a purple Linea leatherette, and the jewelry box is lined in white leatherette with the two-color Occasions logo. “We have ads about seeing a purple box under the tree,” says owner Michael Fleck. “That anticipation builds value for the client and marketing value for us.”

Bailey box


“The Bailey Box,” Bailey’s Fine Jewelry’s signature black-and-white wrapped box tied with a red ribbon, has become synonymous with the North Carolina-based brand, along with the saying “Every woman wants a Bailey Box under the tree.” Bailey’s is known for its marketing initiative, Finders Keepers, in which small Bailey Boxes with a single piece of jewelry are hidden throughout the communities in which Bailey’s has stores. When someone finds the box, it’s theirs: “Finders Keepers!”

Jewelry Retailers Make a Statement With Branded Boxes


Tying bags and boxes to the brand’s signature color makes an indelible impact. For Craig Husar Fine Jewelers of Brookfield, WI, it’s blue; de Boulle’s trademark yellow is used in its marketing and as an accent in the interior design of their Houston and Dallas stores. Doland’s of Dubuque, IA,’s turquoise-themed packaging is known throughout eastern Iowa, where the company has three locations. Alyssa & Anna in Appleton and Oshkosh, WI, has chosen a cheery orange that’s also consistently found on the website and social media.



Why settle for one color when you can offer an array of shades that all reflect your brand philosophy? Be On Park Fine Jewelry in Winter Park, FL, owned by Emily Dowling Williams, balances excellence and quality with playfulness and surprise. The packaging reflects the vibrancy of the Sunshine State, as well as the exuberance of the shopping experience.

Reis_Nichols boxes


Reis-Nichols of Indianapolis uses a high-end box from Guardian Packaging wrapped in leatherette and suede from Valigeria Cargnato, the fabric mill that provides materials for BMW and Mercedes Benz interiors. The box is handmade in Lebanon, with rope accents adorning the sides.



Lindy Kavanaugh of Lindy’s Jewelry in Fernandina Beach, FL, has used the same packaging for 23 years. “I love red and thought it was bright and cheerful and would make a statement. A designer friend recommended gold satin ribbon with my name on it, and it’s worked out great, especially at Christmas and Valentine’s Day.



One Jewelry Store Owner’s Search for the Perfect Box
Why choosing the right packaging is vital in the luxury goods market

“I had been on the lookout for a nicer box for many years,” says Kristi Widmar, owner and general manager of Rasmussen Diamonds in Racine, WI. “We were getting the classic black leatherette boxes with our logo on the inside and a plain white outer box.

“For a lower priced fashion piece of jewelry, these boxes were nice, but I felt that they just didn’t represent well for the quality of the engagement rings and fine quality jewelry that we were selling.

“Two years ago, we started the search for a new box that would better represent our business as a brand. We looked online, and went to several of the vendors through IJO. When we came across Gunther Mele, the quality and style of boxes just seemed elevated from the others we were seeing. After looking at the many options, it became clear that we were going to design our boxes with them.

Our signature colors since 1900 have been black and gold, with burgundy accents. We chose to go with a black wood grain box with an exposed hinge. We incorporated the gold by using a gold foil logo imprint inside the top cover of the box, and a gold 10x10mm nameplate on the front of the box engraved with our “RD” icon logo. The interior of the box is black China suede with a subtle burgundy China suede collar to give our signature pop of color.

The outer packer box is black with our “RD” icon embossed in gold foil in the top corner. The outer box has a one-quarter-inch depth platform base and a full-depth lid to make it a seamless box, easy to wrap. We ordered ring boxes recessed to accommodate a small earring pad to convert to a small earring box, utility boxes with a triple flip pad and pillows to use for pendants, larger earrings, bracelets, and multiple items, and a small number of large necklace boxes.

Because we were custom-making these boxes, we were required to order a much larger quantity than we normally would have. Gunther Mele was great at providing samples to ensure that the colors and materials were right. They also created a single-ring box and utility box for us to approve before placing a large order.

We surpassed what we would normally pay for boxes in a year, because we ordered enough for around three years (make sure you have enough storage space!). However, the quantity discount put the individual custom-made box prices only slightly higher than the generic ones that we were ordering and even less expensive than some of the higher-quality stock boxes that are available.

Our guests who have received these boxes are very impressed; we are proud that the quality of what is inside matches the quality of our boxes!

I talked about our boxes to a friend, and she asked why I thought the box was so important. She happened to be carrying a very high-end handbag, and I asked her what the handbag came in when she purchased it. She excitedly started explaining the nice box and bag that it came in and then quietly said, “Oh, I get it.”

Luxury brands, which are among our biggest competitors as jewelers, are keeping their packaging consistent with the quality of their products, and I believe that we should, too.


Jewelry Retailers Make a Statement With Branded Boxes


Atalie Finer of Finer Jewelry in Chicago, has used the same royal blue and cherry wood boxes for 30 years. They’re still a crowd-pleaser.

Jewelry Retailers Make a Statement With Branded Boxes


“For the money, we love the new boxes that we changed to this year,” says Lucy Conklin of Toner Jewelers in Overland Park, KS. “They’re sleek and branded with our colors. And easy to wrap! Our old boxes had a ribbon outer box that had to be removed to gift wrap. These are a much nicer product.”

Jewelry Retailers Make a Statement With Branded Boxes


Lee Read Diamonds of Boise, ID, has a box wrapped in Paradiso Linea leatherette and delivered in a deluxe outer carton, which makes the jewelry box a presentation in itself. Spending a little extra to dress up the outer carton can make the presentation that much more impactful and memorable.

Jewelry Retailers Make a Statement With Branded Boxes


Your packaging can carry your message home with your clients if you let it. The “Love Comes First” tagline featured on the Love & Luxe tote bag conveys the company’s values to customers while reminding the team of the guiding principles they rely on when dealing with artists, customers, and each other, says Betsy Barron, owner of Love & Luxe in San Francisco.

Jewelry Retailers Make a Statement With Branded Boxes


Juniker Jewelry Co. of Madison, MS, employs specially made boxes for its Mississippi Heritage Collection, a collection of copyrighted handmade platinum Art Deco antique reproduction engagement rings and jewelry.

Jewelry Retailers Make a Statement With Branded Boxes


Bernie Robbins Jewelers, with stores in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, designed their memorable packaging, adorned with vibrant butterflies, to surprise and delight.

Jewelry Retailers Make a Statement With Branded Boxes


After expanding into Michigan, employee-owned Kesslers raised brand awareness by leaving signature red Kesslers bags around different areas of town. In each bag was a card that talked about our Kesslers Keepers promotion, along with an empty box. People who found the bag were invited to come to one of the two Michigan locations and redeem their empty box for a sterling silver Moon & Back Pendant, with the ability to upgrade to a larger pendant in gold. They partnered with two Michigan radio personalities and ran paid and organic social media. The initiative was a hit, and 40% of the approximately 200 bags left throughout the city were redeemed.

Jewelry Retailers Make a Statement With Branded Boxes


“We use our family crest as our logo,” says Joseph Villarreal of Villarreal Fine Jewelers in Austin, TX.

Jewelry Retailers Make a Statement With Branded Boxes


Philadelphia-based L. Priori specializes in custom engagement rings. Its packaging is simply elegant, allowing the jewelry to shine.

Jewelry Retailers Make a Statement With Branded Boxes


“For us, 2024 was the year of branding,” says Christopher Sarich of Noah Gabriel & Co. Jewelers in Wexford, PA. “We are in the final stages of creating a custom box. We are very excited to finish the final stage and get them in our customer’s hands.”

Jewelry Retailers Make a Statement With Branded Boxes


“We just got new packaging right before the holidays,” says Katrina Sustachek of Rasmussen Diamonds in Racine, WI. “It took forever to get them in, but we are very pleased.”

Jewelry Retailers Make a Statement With Branded Boxes


“All of our packaging matches and we feel it looks upscale,” says Gary Zimmerman of Windy City Diamonds in Chicago. “The picture shows our ring/earring box with the removable insert for earrings.”

Jewelry Retailers Make a Statement With Branded Boxes


“One customer likes my boxes with gold cord and a fabric rose bud so much that she will buy something to get the pretty gift box,” says Susan Maxon of Honors Gran Jewelry in Dunedin, FL.




She Wanted to Spend More Time with Her Kids. She Called Wilkerson.

Your children are precious. More precious than gold? Absolutely! Just ask Lesley Ann Davis, owner of Lesley Ann Jewels, an independent jewelry store that — until the end of 2023 — had quite a following in Houston, Texas. To spend more time with her four sons, all in high school, she decided to close her store. Luckily, she was familiar with Wilkerson and called them as soon as she knew she wanted to move on to bigger, better and more family-focused things. Was she happy with her decision? Yes, she was. Says Davis, “Any owner looking to make that life change, looking to retire, looking to close, looking for a pause in their career, I would recommend Wilkerson. Hands down!”

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