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Dakota Johnson Wears Iconic Belperron Necklace on Jimmy Fallon Show

It shone brightly paired with a little black dress.





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A post shared by Kate Young (@kateyoung)

WHEN I FIRST saw the 65-carat Belperron Diamond Toggle Torque Necklace that Dakota Johnson wore with a short Wardrobe.NYC  dress on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, I was amazed and excited that such a showstopper piece was strutted out on an evening talk show. Kate Young, who styled Johnson in the piece, knew what she was doing — it was a singular sensation. Young had previously styled Michelle Williams in a Schiaparelli gown and Belperron gold and pearl torque necklace.

Suzanne Belperron was a trailblazing designer, one of the most influential of the early to mid 20th century with celebrity clients including Schiaparelli, which is part of the story behind the necklace Johnson wore.

The Belperron archives were purchased by Ward Landrigan, who passed the reigns onto his son Nico. The company still produces jewelry, one piece of which is the slender lacquered torque necklace shaped like a cord around an old mine-cut fancy light yellow huge diamond.

The original necklace, which was part of Belperron’s streamlined black lacquer collection, was owned by Schiaparelli and worn for an article in Paris Vogue. The difference between the one Johnson wore and Schiaparelli’s is that the original featured the center of the torque encircling a pave diamond button. The article proclaimed, “Let us rejoice: the year 1933 marks a revival in the art of jewelry.”

The archival style and all of Suzanne Belperron’s designs look and feel as modern now as when they were designed. This allows for the brand to bring out new pieces that evoke the soul and character of a true pioneer of her time with a relevant twist, as in the case the awe inspiring piece that Johnson wore.


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