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Do You Or Don't You?

Do You — or Don’t You: Do You Hire Part-Time Workers?



Do You — or Don’t You: Do You Hire Part-Time Workers?


Published in the September 2014 issue

71% YES, I DO 

It is just plain cost smart. It is better to pay for what you need. The pearl re-stringer/salesperson that used to be full-time is now just one or two days a week. — John Anthony Jr., John Anthony Jewelers, Bala-Cynwyd, PA

It’s much easier to fill schedules with part-timers. — Christine Patton, Diamonds & Gold, Green Bay, WI

Part-time help is used as a floater to go where most needed: customer sales, answering phone, open and close, putting out and putting up jewelry, cleaning showcase glass, sweeping floors, gift-wrapping, etc. — Shannon Murphey, Murphey the Jeweler, Tyler, TX


Usually they don’t need the job so they want to be there. — Amber Gustafson, Amber’s Designs, Katy, TX

The cost of full-time employees and benefits makes it wiser to have part-timers. — Tim Ottmann, The Gem Gallery, Reno, NV

I am hopeful they will turn into full time employees by showing us they are awesome. — Mike Doland, Doland Jewelers, Dubuque, IA

Extra coverage when my big sellers need a vacation. When business starts getting more hectic for the holidays, my part-timers are already trained, and they easily pay for themselves being brought in at the most busy time. — Zach Buss, Riddle’s Jewelry, Cheyenne, WY

Business is picking up but not enough to offset the benefits and vacation time for another full-time employee. — Kate Mancini, Versant, Bethlehem, PA

29% NO, I DON’T 


I should. It’s just that having people around who don’t know what they’re doing is more work not less work for me. — Kristy Goodrich, JK Jewelers, St. George, UT

I haven’t found a part-timer who knows much about jewelry and training is expensive. Additionally, in my experience, part-timers think nothing of not coming to work when scheduled. — Candice Milstein, Wyatt Austin Jewelers, Schaumberg, IL

Part-timers generally do not have enough “skin in the game.” We are always looking for those who want to grow in their jewelry careers, these are in general not part-timers. — Dorothy Vodicka, The Gem Collection, Tallahassee, FL

We need someone committed to the job, who is focused on giving our customers the best customer service they’ve ever received. Part timers have never done this for us. — Chris Snowden, Snowden’s Jewelers, Wilmington, NC

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