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Excitement Sells This Holiday Season: Free 30-Minute Webinar

Sales expert Shane Decker joins GN Diamond to help jewelers boost holiday revenue.




(PRESS RELEASE) Between Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Years, it’s the biggest gift buying season of the entire year. And with employment and the economy on the rise, this is poised to be one of the most profitable holiday seasons independent jewelers have ever seen. But only if they have the right attitude.

Diamond sales expert Shane Decker joined GN Diamond CEO Asaf Herskovitz to discuss ways to polish your presentation and maximize sales in the coming weeks. Their tips for wowing customers and creating more sales are now available to watch on-demand in a free 30-minute webinar.

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In the webinar, Decker and Herskovitz share wisdom mined from extensive experience working with thousands of independent jewelers. Learn how to break sales records this Christmas through simple sales techniques that will excite customers and increase your closing ratio.

Sell More With Positivity, Excitement, and Urgency

“People retain about 30 percent of what they hear, 50 percent of what they see, and 100 percent of how they’re treated,” says Decker. In the webinar, he explains how to greet and treat your customers so they have a memorable experience and leave thrilled with their purchase.

Watch the webinar to gain powerful holiday sales insights, including:

  • How to fuel sales with positivity.
    The right attitude starts with you. Learn how to keep optimism and energy high among your sales team so you can sell right up to the last minute. You can even let that positivity motivate you to go the extra mile and call past clients or network in your community.
  • How to excite customers.
    Close sales faster without getting pushy or negotiating on price. Learn why shoppers love to buy from positive people, and how you can bring more enthusiasm into your sales presentation. Gain tips you can use to put dazzling, top-ticket items in customers’ hands.
  • How to create sales with urgency.
    Impulse buys go up at Christmas. And with the average shopper trying to please 12 to 15 people on their list, add-ons are a tremendous holiday opportunity as well. Decker and Herskovitz share examples of how savvy salespeople highlight popular, fast-selling items. They even reveal specific closes you can use to generate a sense of urgency in the customer.

GN Diamond: An Exciting Sales Tool

GN Diamond is a comprehensive sales platform empowering store owners and salespeople to sell more diamonds in-store. With convenient online training, marketing support, and inventory, GN equips independent jewelers to compete with internet vendors.

Access the webinar here.

Learn more at and contact a GN representative at [email protected] or 800-724-8810.



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Gone Fishin’ (Thanks to Wilkerson)

Whether you want to go fishing — or enjoy some of the other good things life has to offer — you can take a cue from Jim Adair and choose Wilkerson to run your retirement sale. After 38 years in business, Adair decided it was time to enjoy some free time. His Missoula, Montana store, Adair Jewelers, will stay in business but without him at the helm. It was the perfect opportunity to call in the experts in retirement sales. Adair says he spoke to a lot of people who have done retirement sales to help him make his decision and he chose Wilkerson. “Wilkerson seemed to have the best set up, the best organization, the most current marketing of any of them,” he says. “If you want to run a successful sale, you have too much money on the line to be screwing around with trying to do it yourself.”

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